10 Best Neighborhoods in Lexington, KY

Oct 21, 2022

If you are considering moving to Lexington, KY and buying a home there, you’re making the right choice as it is a wonderful place to live. The city is active throughout the year and has really good schools. It is a great place to move for young people to find a home and a great job. We will discuss the 10 best neighborhoods for people who want to move to Lexington, KY.

10 best neighborhoods in lexington ky

1. Frankfort

There is a large population of young professionals in Frankfort who study and work there according to their preferences, and people living in Frankfort have moderate political views

Best Places to Visit

Frankfort has many parks and museums. The top attractions of Frankfort are Buffalo Trace Distillery, Castle & Key Distillery, New Capitol Building, and Salato Wildlife Education Center. 

Best Schools in Frankfort

The best schools in Frankfort are Second Street School, Westridge Elementary School, and The Frankfort Christian Academy.

The Median Home Price

Median home price starts from $172,700 in Frankfort, KY.

Frankfort is one of the nicest places to reside in Kentucky, which is in Franklin County. Most people in Frankfort rent their homes, giving residents a thick suburban vibe.

2. Georgetown

Georgetown, a town in Kentucky, is in Scott County. Residents in Georgetown enjoy a sparse suburban vibe, and most own their homes. There are a lot of parks in Georgetown.

Best Places to Visit

Georgetown has various interesting places to visit, some of them are Cherry Blossom Golf and Country Club, Suffoletta Family Aquatic Center, Rodney’s on Broadway, and Toyota Visitor Center and Plant Tour.

Best Schools in Georgetown

When you move to Lexington, you won’t have to compromise on your children’s education. The neighborhood is home to schools like Southern Elementary School, Great Crossing High School, and Anne Mason Elementary School.

Median Home Price

Median Home cost about $233,500 in Georgetown, KY.

Georgetown has a large population of young professionals and families, and its citizens have conservative political views.

3. Winchester

Winchester is a Kentucky town within Clark County. Winchester homeowners enjoy a minimal suburban vibe and own most of their homes. There are a lot of parks in Winchester and the area is wide open and has a lot of space.

Best Places to Visit

The most renowned places in Winchester are Red River Gorge, Daniel Boone National Forest, and Kentucky Horse Park.

Best Schools in Winchester

Conkwright Elementary School, Baker Intermediate School, and Robert D Campbell Junior High School are excellent schools in Winchester.

Median Home Price

Winchester home values start from $207,688.

4. Paris

Paris, Kentucky, is in Bourbon County. Residents in Paris enjoy a sparse suburban vibe, and most own their homes. Paris has a large family population and a conservative population overall.

Best Places to Visit

Duncan Tavern Historic Center, Colville Covered Bridge, Hopewell Museum, Nannine Clay Wallis Arboretum, and The Cane Ridge Meeting House.

Best Schools in Paris 

Paris Elementary School, Paris High School, and Bourbon County High School.

Median Home Price

Home values in Paris, Kentucky start from $254,000 and keeps trending up over the year.

The neighborhood is filled with historic structures and locations, and Main Street is dotted with fantastic locally-owned businesses. Downtown Paris has many independent stores and eateries, and the proprietors are always welcoming and helpful.

5. Clintonville

Clintonville is a quiet and peaceful neighborhood for someone looking to retire and live; the place is wide open and has a lot of space, with 39 people per square mile. It has various employment opportunities for residents; Ohio State University is located near the Clintonville neighborhood.

Best Places to Visit

Chad & Jessi’s Breakaway, Philigains Island, Al’s Bar and Grill, and W.A. Olen Park.

Best Schools in Clintonville

Morlan Gallery – Transylvania University, Cane Ridge High School, and Carter G. Woodson Academy.

Median Home Price

Home prices start from $280,000 in Clintonville, KY.

Clintonville is a beautiful community to live in; it has unique architecture and is a great place for growing your business. It offers top-notch schools and is an ideal place for education to help your children flourish academically.

6. Mount Sterling

Mount sterling is a beautiful town with a friendly neighborhood, and it has a better school system and good academic opportunities.

Best Places to Visit

Montgomery County History, Mt. Sterling Montgomery County Recreation, and Easy Walker Park.

Best Schools in Mount Sterling

Mcnabb Middle School, Gateway Children’s Services, and Camargo Elementary School.

Median Home Price

Home values in Mt. Sterling start at$242,500.

The northwest tends to have the most desirable neighborhoods, whereas the south has more reasonably priced housing.

7. Downtown Lexington

Historic and iconic, this area has tons of things to do and is definitely a place worth checking out.

Hisle Farm Park sits five miles northeast of downtown Lexington, on around 280 acres of rolling pastureland. It is a wonderful place for horse riding and archery; horse riders and archers get countless entertainment opportunities for weekends and vacations.

Best Places to Visit

Hisle Farm Park, Keeneland, Kentucky Horse Park, and James E. Pepper Distillery.

Best Schools in Downtown Lexington

Sayre School, The Lexington School, and Ellington Elementary School.

Median Home Price

Home values in Downtown Lexington start from $395,000.

Downtown Lexington provides a natural environment for residents, and the area is clean, healthy, and full of nature and activities.

8. Greenbrier

Greenbrier is an excellent and serene neighborhood in Lexington, KY. It has an unmatched environment for Lexington residents, who can get a golf membership and be a part of the country club. The residents can organize special events in the club and make arrangements for dinner parties, company outings, and casual holiday gatherings.

Best Places to Visit

Greenbrier Golf and Country Club, the Casino Club at the Greenbrier, and The Greenbrier Falconry.

Best Schools in Greenbrier

Greenbrier Elementary School, Greenbrier High School, and South Haven Christian School.

Median Home Price

Home values in Greenbrier start from $665,000.

9. Hamburg Area, KY

Hamburg Area is a diverse place in Lexington, Ky. You will find attractive places to visit in the area.

Best Places to Visit

Fright Nights Kentucky, Kentucky Horse Park, and Keeneland Association Inc.

Best Schools in Hamburg Area

Martin Luther King Jr. Academy for Excellence, Carter G. Woodson Academy, and Liberty Elementary School.

Median Home Price

Median home values in the Hamburg area start from $254,900 to $262,900.

10. Saddle Club

Saddle club is a neighborhood in Lexington, KY, and it is a beautiful place to move as it has various entertainment opportunities. Saddle club offers more than average education for residents and has a University in the area.

Best Places to Visit

McConnell Springs, Thoroughbred Park, and Mary Todd Lincoln House.

Best Schools in Saddle Club

The Lexington School, James Lane Allen Elementary School, and Rosa Parks Elementary School.

Median Home Price

Home values start from $459,850 to $495,000 in Saddle Club, KY.

The area has a great location, clean residency, and comfortable homes, and it is a great idea to move to Saddle club and live a peaceful life.

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Lexington is the largest city in Kentucky and has countless features for movers to come here, live their lives in peace, and surround themselves with nature. The neighborhood includes horse farms, golf clubs, excellent schools, universities, and Olympic size pools for kids and adults; it is an ideal place for you to move and live here. Incredible businesses for all categories of life including local businesses and other lifestyle enhancements. 

The neighborhoods in Lexington, KY, are filled with cultural architecture, historical museums, and unique structures. It has many parks and professional sports events like soccer leagues. The city has railroads, highways, and airports for modes of transport, and the city’s overall structure is recommended for residency.