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Through our fat transfer injection treatment procedures, we can literally move your fat from where you don’t want it to where you do want and need it. Dr. Gerstle offers several fat transfer procedure options, sometimes the cosmetic surgery procedure is also called fat grafting, lipofilling, or lipotransfer.

This surgery allows for the body to be remodeled and the purpose is to add volume to the areas of your body where there might be a volume loss, or to fix a contour deficit. Options also include fat transfer breast augmentation and fat transfer butt augmentation. These procedures and techniques have been perfected over the years, and since the early nineties have been considered a routine and predictable option.

Facial fat transfer injections help restore youthful volume to the face. They enhance the fullness of the face, creating a more pleasing aesthetic look, by helping to soften creases and wrinkles, adding plumpness to deep creases in the cheeks and under-eye areas. They are designed to fill in irregularities and grooves within a person’s face.

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Facial Fat Transfer

These face injections can also be used to enhance and add fullness to the lips. While the most common dermal fillers are temporary, facial fat transfer injections offer a long-term solution to age-related volume loss, wrinkles, and shallow contours. If you’re ready to have your youthful, full cheeks back and to have full, plump and enhanced lips, this may be the perfect medical procedure for you.

How do you know you may be experiencing age-related volume loss?

If you’re beginning to notice that your face isn’t as full as it once was, if your face doesn’t appear as youthful, or if your cheeks are more hollow and sunken, then you could be experiencing age-related volume loss. An easy remedy for these issues is the facial fat transfer injections we offer.

Facial Fat Transfer Injection Benefits

  • Fat transfer injections are natural because it’s your own fat being transferred
  • There is no risk of allergic reaction – again, it is your own tissue
  • Successful fat transfers are long-lasting
  • Fat transfer treatments can be repeated if and when needed
  • Fat transfer injections can be combined with non-surgical treatments, like BOTOX, or can be used to enhance the result of other types of surgical treatments.

How Do Facial Fat Transfer Injections Work?

If you don’t like the fat on your abdomen or thighs, we will liposuction it and use it elsewhere on your body. Fat is liposuctioned from your donor site and then it is cleaned, purified, and prepped for injection through a process called centrifuging. Centrifuging basically means the process of filtering and rinsing your fat. This process creates pure liquid fat tissue, that is then ready to be placed elsewhere, such as into your face. Dr. Gerstle will take this newly prepped and cleaned fat tissue and inject it into specific areas, sculpting new youthful volume throughout the face.

Fat cells are living cells, and if the fat grafting is successful, the fat cells will continue living and functioning in their new location. Fat transfers are not 100% because some fat cells will die during the transfer, and some will not connect to the blood supply after transfer. In other words, 500cc of fat injected does not directly correlate to a 500cc increase in volume.

The fat that is needed will be obtained through small 2 mm incisions. Proper preparation and proper adherence to recovery guidelines will help maximize the amount of fat that is successfully transferred. While not all fat will transfer and survive, the procedure can be repeated as necessary to achieve your desired volume and plumpness.

Dr. Gerstle will ensure that the transferred fat is distributed evenly in its new location and he will also ensure that it is surrounded by healthy tissue, to make sure that the relocated fat tissue receives the needed supply of nutrients and oxygen from the body.

What is the recovery process like for Facial Fat Transfer Injections?

Patients most commonly experience swelling in the injection site after the fat transfer. The duration of the swelling is dependent on each individual person, so it will vary from patient to patient. Bruising and redness can also be expected and may last 2 to 3 weeks. This time can be lessened depending on your individual natural healing response and adherence to the recovery guidelines which we will give you. Swelling, bruising, and tenderness should also be expected in the donor site as well and may persist for 2 to 3 weeks.

Facial Fat Transfer Injections Financing

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Facial Fat Transfer Injections

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