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Lexington Plastic Surgery | Dr. Theodore Gerstle

Lexington Plastic Surgery is one of the highest rated plastic surgery centers in Lexington, KY. Lexington Plastic Surgery is committed to excellence and sincerely desire to provide you with quality, privacy, and compassionate care when it comes to your search for trusted Lexington plastic surgeons.

Theo Gerstle, MD is a Harvard trained Lexington Plastic Surgeon dedicated to helping you look and feel your very best. He values excellence in surgical techniques while providing compassionate, patient-centered care. Whether you are considering cosmetic surgery or surgery for relief of debilitating migraine headaches, Dr. Gerstle and his team at Lexington Plastic Surgery want to hear about your goals and work with you to achieve the most natural and successful result. Learn more about any one of our premier plastic surgery centers here in Lexington, KY including breast augmentation, face lift, tattoo removal Lexington KY, Labiaplasty Lexington KY, liposuction , tummy tuck surgery, and much more. Get in touch with one of the most trusted Lexington plastic surgeons!

Please review our procedure pages and patient education materials. If you feel you’re ready to take the next step and speak with Dr. Gerstle schedule a consultation through our request form or call our office at (859) 279-2111.

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Experience One of Google’s Highest Rated Lexington Plastic Surgeons

I am so happy with my experience at Lexington Plastic Surgery. So fortunate that I found Dr. Gerstle and his staff. They were all so nice and made me feel comfortable at even my first visit with him. I felt that I was in safe hands the entire experience. I would not hesitate to go see Dr. Gerstle and his great staff for anything else in the future.
Vickie Renner
Vickie R.
Dr. Gerstle exceeded my expectations from start to finish with my recent rhinoplasty. His staff was very accommodating during the entire process and has went above and beyond since my consultation. I would highly recommend his services to anyone considering having any type of procedure.
Whittney Younts
Whittney Y.
My wife has gone to Dr. Gerstle for a few different procedure/concerns and has always been taken care of with the highest quality care possible. Her latest procedure was a breast augmentation. She looked good before but wow her breasts look amazing now. He answered all of my health concerns and made us feel at ease. He made sure we understood the right size for her body frame was important. They look very natural too! From the first appointment through her surgery and post op appointments we have felt like family every time we walk through the door. Her first procedure had to do with a pressing medical infection concern in her arm that needed addressed right away and Dr. Gerstle took the situation very seriously and acted quickly. Through both procedures, you cannot tell she has any scars at all! We could not be more pleased by her results and would highly recommend anyone interested in addressing any concerns to give his office a call. Your experience with them will do the rest!
Q Wright
Q W.
Dr. Gerstle and everyone in his office is wonderful. He done a scar correction from a poorly done surgery elsewhere. Before surgery he asked if there was a particular kind of music I listen to which he played to relax me during surgery. I thought that was very thoughtful. He done a remarkable job and I am well pleased!
Tracy Cross
Tracy C.
I recently underwent plasma pen therapy for scars on my temple. Dr. Gerstle was very thorough, kind, and reassuring in describing the procedure. It only took a couple of minutes and was virtually painless. Now, I can barely notice where the scares were.
Joshua Hensley
Joshua H.
Dr. Gerstle and his staff treated both physical and emotional scars for me. Absolutely life changing and highly recommended!
Christy Carden
Christy C.
I recently had a tummy tuck and breast lift with augmentation. I needed a lot of work due to weight loss of 100lbs. Dr. Gerstle has been amazing and he has been there for me every step of the way before and after surgery. I am very pleased with my results. Office visits pre and post op are very quick. I’ve been taken straight back to a room each appointment. Not only is Dr. Gerstle great, but he also has a wonderful staff. He has addressed any question or concern I have had and made this a very pleasant experience. If you are hesitant, I encourage you to schedule a consult at Lexington Plastic Surgery. I seen 3 plastic surgeons before meeting with Dr. Gerstle and ended up scheduling my surgery with him the same day as my consult. I would recommend him for any plastic surgery needs!
Brittany Conn
Brittany C.
Very laid back. I was able to relax and carry a conversation while he was operating. Very enjoyable to talk to and the end results are perfect. I will definitely recommend him to anyone needing work done. An amazing doctor to say the least.
Noah Lemons
Noah L.
Everyone was so friendly and professional! Looking forward to getting more work done. Thank you
Janet Evans
Janet E.
Very quick and easy procedure! Came to Dr. Grestle w/ 1" gauges in my ears and he made my 1st plastic surgery experience very comforting... 10/10 would definately reccomend. Very happy with the results! 💯
Casey Mulberry
Casey M.
I went to Dr. Gerstle's office for a consultation for labiaplasty and the surgery at the end of 2019. It is now early 2020. I'm healed up, and so satisfied with the experience and most importantly, the results. Dr. Gerstle and his staff are skilled, informed, kind, and comforting. His office provides a great atmosphere from waiting room to operating room. He is very down to earth and concisely walked me through the entire process. Don't hold back on any questions and take his advice. The labiaplasty surgery was a huge decision in my life. I was so nervous about it. I did it for comfort, not aesthetics. I emerged with both in the end. I am thankful for everything that Dr. Gerstle and his staff provided for me.
Lauren S
Lauren S
I am so impressed! Very highly recommended! Dr. Gerstle and his team at Lexington Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery are amazing! I live in Cincinnati, OH and am so happy Dr. Gerstle was recommended to me. Definitely worth the drive to Lexington, KY! I was suffering debilitating migraines and planned to get botox injections to combat the pain, nausea, vision disturbances and everything else that comes with a migraine. Dr. Gerstle discussed migraine surgery with me and explained everything about the procedure and shared success rates. It's also a much better deal, botox only last a few months but the procedure for migraines is a permanent solution.Now that I have had the procedure for migraines, I want to tell everyone how much better I feel. No more migraines!! Thank you! Thank you Dr. Gerstle! You are a life saver, I can now have my life back. Thank you for not only the migraine relief, but also for my eye lift, my lip enhancement and my smile line filler 😊 I am extremely happy with my experience at Lexington Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery! If you suffer from migraines, you really should get a consult.
Temperance Nell
Temperance N.
Wonderful facial today!
Chrystal Foster
Chrystal F.
Excellent. Dr. Gerstle was both personable and professional-- he upholds the highest standards in his work while being caring and approachable, so I felt really comfortable and secure about the whole experience. I am delighted with the outcome. Plus the facility was lovely and conveniently located. I recommend Lexington Plastic Surgery highly.
Polly Seals
Polly S.
I would 100% recommend Dr. Gerstle and his staff to anyone! Picking a plastic surgeon is overwhelming due to the large amount of them in Lexington! After thorough research I found Dr. Gerstle and called for a consultation for a breast augmentation. During my consultation Dr. Gerstle and his staff made me feel very comfortable. They were professional yet personable, which we all need a doctor with a good sense of humor. Dr. Gerstle made himself available to answer any of my questions or concerns throughout my breast argumentation. Dr. Gerstle did an AMAZING job with my breast augmentation, I love them, and not only that but they look natural which was important to me! I couldn’t of asked for a better experience. If you are looking to have anything done, Dr. Gerstle and his staff are the people to go to!During my consultation, Dr. Gerstle has noticed my boyfriend’s foot. My boyfriend had dropped a 45lb weight on his foot hours prior and Dr. Gerstle took the time to ultrasound his foot right then and there! Dr. Gerstle also instructed him on what to expect and how to assist with the pain and swelling.
Brooke Berkenpas
Brooke B.
Doctor Theo Gerstle is a highly skilled surgeon and has a kind and supportive manner..
Trish Lamb
Trish L.
Dr. Gerstle goes above and beyond for all of his patients.
Brandi Lewis
Brandi L.
My husband had been in pain for over a year after the end of his thumb was smashed off. We had been to several doctors and through pain management, with no success.Dr. Gerstle took care of the pain and reconstructed his thumb so he can use it.We are so happy we found him. We travel 4 hrs each way to see him. It is well worth the travel. He is an excellent surgeon and he makes you feel comfortable.
Kim Howell
Kim H.
I didn't have a major procedure done, just a few vials of sclerotherapy treatment. It is too soon to tell how my end result will be, as I have to wait for my legs to heal up. I had several areas on my legs where spider veins were quite noticeable; I just wanted to improve the appearance of my 50-year-old legs. Dr. Gerstle and Amber couldn't have been any nicer. Both super friendly. We made small talk through the entire procedure. I would definitely return to this office in the future if I have more spider veins appear. I would definitely recommend Lexington Plastic Surgery to anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their legs due to spider veins!
Bonnie Cheslak
Bonnie C.
I’m so impressed with Lexington Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Dr. Gerstle. The entire staff is professional and friendly, delivering superior medical care. Each step of my treatment was approached in a conservative manner. My results are beyond my expectations. Every one of my nervous questions, calls in with worries, and discussions about expectations were taken seriously, with compassion, and patience.When I visited several other physicians to consult about correcting my issue, I was dragged through hardcore marketing presentations. PowerPoints, add-on services, and very little face-time with the physician felt more like I was being pressured into a time-share than receiving medical advice. If all my questions had to go through the sales staff—I was left wondering who would deliver the bulk of my care. Thank goodness I found Dr. Gerstle. Amber, and the entire staff to truly take care of me.
Leslie Whaley
Leslie W.
Dr. Gerstle and his staff are exceptionally kind, professional, and welcoming. This was my first plastic surgery experience and I was very nervous prior to my initial consultation. When I arrived, they immediately made me feel comfortable and welcomed. During my consultation and actual day of surgery, Dr. Gerstle and his assistant Amber made me feel very informed/involved and I felt so confident and taken care of. I am now almost two weeks post op and they have followed up with me multiple times to make sure recovery has been going well, and I have had two follow up appointments. I couldn’t imagine having had a better experience and I am so so happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Gerstle.
Kara Ferguson
Kara F.
I had trouble with keloids in my ears. I’ve had trouble with other doctors not wanting to do much with them. They kept growing until I saw Dr. Gerstle. He took them out completely and now my ears look great. Great service and an even greater doctor.
Esperanza Bartolo
Esperanza B.
Dr. Gerstle is great! 2 years ago I got bit in the face by a dog and he made time to fix my lip. He did an awesome job and can barely tell there is a scar on my lip. Always going to be grateful for that.
Nancy Martinez
Nancy M.
Doctor Gerstle came highly recommended to me. His perfection to detail, and talent as a surgeon is exceptional. I can feel fulling confident and comfortable knowing My care is in his talents Unlike some of the med spas that I have experienced I would recommend Dr.Gerstle if you want to make sure your in safe hands and the results are perfection
Karen Hamilton
Karen H.
Dr. Gerstle and his team have been fantastic throughout my whole process! They truly provide a level of customer service that you usually don't experience in the medical community. Dr. Gerstle made himself available for emergency follow-ups if needed and he always answered calls about an issue or promptly called back. He also made calls to check on recovery following the procedure. Definitely a concierge level of medical service. I would highly recommend!
Daryl Hammond
Daryl H.
I received excellent care and customer service from Dr Gerstle and his staff. They were friendly and worked around my schedule to give me the care that I need. Dr Gerstle is very skilled and I would recommend him to anyone.
Jeffrey Shafer
Jeffrey S.
I had a GREAT experience with GREAT results from my procedure! I would 100% recommend Dr. Gerstle to anyone! Dr. Gerstle was the most personable doctor that I have ever known. He said to me, “I treat my patients the way I would want someone to treat my family”. His secretary, Amber and his assistant, Grenda were so welcoming and down to earth. Grenda made my procedure so much more enjoyable because she was by my side the whole time, making jokes, and getting me anything I needed. It would be a mistake to not chose Dr. Gerstle!
Lauren Dean
Lauren D.
Dr. Gerstle is an outstanding doctor. I love the fact that he is a perfectionist and it shows in his work! I recently went to my NP for medication refills. I had not seen her since before my first treatment. (3 treatments, 1 month apart) Just a few minutes into the conversation she said, “Have you had something done...to your face I mean. You’ve done something. You look younger. Have you had under your eyes done or a face lift?” Then I remembered... ohhhhh yessss... I did ... micro-needling!! She said, “I knew you’d done something! Omg you look younger. It worked! Her comments were all the proof I needed!Amber in the office is pretty amazing, too! She is always so helpful and full of knowledge about any procedure.
Mechelle Johnson
Mechelle J.
I have met with different surgeons and have had one previous cosmetic surgery. For this time I very much appreciated the staff and Dr. Gerstle not just focusing on what I wanted done but they also kept in mind the concerns around my child. Dr. Gerstle also had no issue pausing and taking a step back if I seemed hesitant in any way. While I am still healing, I could not be happier.
Devinn Winkler
Devinn W.
This staff is so nice and professional. They do everything they can to make sure you’re comfortable. And they also let you make payments up until two weeks before your surgery, which I found really helpful. Highly recommend.
Rylan Marks
Rylan M.
Great freindly staff. Dr Gerstler is outstanding.
Jim Evans
Jim E.
Excellent and caring physician and staff. Experienced and well trained. Takes the time to explain everything thoroughly and discusses various options to help you choose what is best for your individual needs
Great experience would definitely recommend.
Robin Mullins
Robin M.
Dr. Gerstle is a caring and thorough physician. He reviewed all my medical problems prescriptions and personal concerns prior to my surgery. I have recommended him to my family members.
Leslie Carroll
Leslie C.
I am extremely pleased with the results from my sclerotherapy, breast lift and augmentation. Dr.. Gerstle and his staff are amazing,
Carla Harrod
Carla H.
5 star review. Very professional and great results.
Tammy Wilson-Evans
Tammy W.
Had a great experience with Dr. Theo. He very personable n easy to talk with. He asks questions n does what you ask.. has a great staff n I will go back n recommend him to my friends.
patti bush
patti B.
Staff is super friendly, there's a relaxing setting, and its very clean. Dr. Gerstle does an amazing job!
Cynthia Auterson
Cynthia A.
I was very pleased with my experience and treatment. She was very professional and completed a very thorough service.
Molly K
Molly K
I had a lump in my back and Dr. Gerstle took care of it and it went away within couple of days. Hats off to him. Thank you
Aasheesh Gupta
Aasheesh G.
Compassionate and competent Surgeon. Takes time to explain procedures and gives full attention to post op follow up. Creates trust and care for the patient.
Leslie E Beavers
Leslie E B.
He did a breast reduction on me and he did a great job....his team and staff are super friendly, especially Amber, they are genuine about the care they give....I have recommended him to a friend.. Dr Gerstle is a down to earth doc who walks you through the whole procedure, along with his nurse Glenda. They did a great job
Tammie Smith
Tammie S.
I would Highly suggest Dr. Gerstle for all your plastic surgery needs. He is very professional, knowledgeable and caring. Your more than just a number in his office. He gets to know his patients on a personal level and meets your needs and works with what you want or are looking for. Personally his education and work speaks for itself. I would recommend him any day of the week over anyone in the Kentucky and surrounding areas. I am still a work in progress but i am highly pleased.
I have nothing but praises for this gifted surgeon. When he works with you, he is both empathetic and compassionate.I presented him with quite a task. My breast implants from years prior were both encapsulated. The right breast surrounded by scar tissue due to radiation after a lumpectomy. The left breast had started to droop.The results of his artistry and skill is that I have back a beautiful bustline that I am very proud of.In addition his staff is delightful. From the moment you enter his office, the experience is top notch.I highly recommend this surgeon and remain so grateful to both he and his staff.
Amalia Davies
Amalia D.
Dr Gerstle and his staff are wonderful! Everyone was professional, knowledgeable and caring. Dr Gerstle even followed up the next day, with a call, to make sure i was doing well.
Tonya Jones
Tonya J.
Had a injury at work that happened from falling off a ladder that broke my nose and cut my lip. Had it stitched late from er that left it looking bad. Found Dr Gerstle and he said he would make it look better and he did what he said. Looks totally different after seeing him. Would highly recommend him to anyone and if I ever need something like this done again he will be my first call. Will highly recommend him to anyone that needs something done.
Michael Reed
Michael R.
I had a breast reduction a week ago and so far I am very pleased with my outcome. The staff is super sweet and I absolutely love every single one of them. Especially amber. She is so nice. Overall I had a great experience here.
Thea Smith
Thea S.
Great doctor very nice staff
Ahmad Rayan
Ahmad R.
Very caring physician.
Dawn Hobbs
Dawn H.
Had a great experience with Dr. Gerstle. He did a facelift along with a lower bioplasty. Results took 10 years off my looks.
4rankly Candid
4rankly C.
He Is Very Reasonable, Understanding, & Does Great Work (Pictures Coming Soon). He Cares About His Patients, Listens To Any Concerns You May Have, & Available Via-Text/Phone At All Hours Of The Day In Case Of An Emergency... I Would Recommend Him To Anyone...
Ace Di Vo
Ace Di V.
If you are looking for a Plastic Surgeon who has an eye for detail, actually listens to you and doesn't make you feel rushed during an appointment and has a track record of happy and satisfied patients, Dr. Gerstle is who you need to see! I saw Dr. Gerstle for an alopecia (fancy way of saying I am balding) consult and with his technology available at his office, he was able to show me what I would look like with hair on my head where I haven't seen it in years. Being able to see the end result of treatment is a huge bonus when being treated by Dr. Gerstle.
Travis Buchanan
Travis B.
I had a bbl/fat transfer/mini tummy tuck with Dr Gerstle. I was very apprehensive and nervous because of getting work done once prior with a different Dr that turned out not so great but couldn’t be happier I made the right choice this time. Not only did he do an amazing job but a Drs bedside manner couldn’t have been better. It has been almost 3 yrs and I am still always getting asked who did this work... I will always recommend him to anyone for anything. It was an amazing experience to be treated like a real person throughout the entire process and not like a dollar sign. I can’t thank him and his staff enough.
Legacy Thone
Legacy T.
Labiaplasty has me looking amazing. Highly recommend this simple (but very impactful) procedure to all my ladies!
Natalie Toulouse
Natalie T.
He's the best! I've had so many compliments on the work that he's done! Wouldn't recommend anyone but!
Brittany Ashby
Brittany A.
Great experience! I would definetely recommend! Dr. Gerstle and his staff were very welcoming, informative and professional. Thank you Dr. Gerstle!
Jennifer Hogg
Jennifer H.
A life changer. Finally no longer living with the shame of a regrettable tattoo! Dr. Gerstle is the man!
Arun Motilal
Arun M.
Dr Gerstle was the best!!! So caring and attentive. His staff is awesome!!! I was scared to have the surgery and they all made me feel so relax! They all did a great job!!!!
dan ferst
dan F.
Had a wonderful experience with Dr. Gerstle and his staff, he is truly caring and thoughtful. A master blepheroplastician!
Noa Quecksilber
Noa Q.
Great doctor, very knowledgeable and patient in explaining the services and what to expect in layman's terms. The work he performed was amazing and has been complimented by others in his field. Staff and facilities are top notch!!!
Dan chesser
Dan C.
If I sit here to tell you exactly how I feel about the doctor and his staff, I will be here for awhile and possibly write a book. Dr. Gerstle is the best doctor ever! He makes sure that you are okay at all times. He will even talk with you after hours if you need him. I feel like I’m a friend and not just another patient. I’ve had a horrible life threatening medical history in the past, but Dr. Gerstle has taken away all my insecurities with what he’s done so far. There’s still a few more steps for completion, but I’m confident enough to know that the outcome will be amazing. Let me also add that Amber, his office staff, is so sweet as well. Thank you guys for making this experience as smooth and comfortable as it can be. I have already recommended my friends and family to him. All my future imperfections will definitely be taken care of with Dr. Gerstle. I wouldn’t think of having it any other way. Love you guys. 😘❤️😘❤️
Ana Cruz
Ana C.
Dr. Gerstle and his staff are incredible! He made sure my son and I understood the options, walked through the procedure, and followed up with phone calls to make sure my son was doing fine. He is a perfectionist and is so skilled, it was amazing!!
Karen Hensley
Karen H.
Dr.Gerstle and his staff are professional and friendly. Dr. Gerstle removed some pre cancerous lesions from my skin and after I inquired about fat grafting, he educated me about the process. After viewing enhanced photos of what the results should be, I had the fat grafting done by. Dr.Gerstle, as well as reconstruction of my left ear lobe. The results are LOVELY. Dr. Gerstle called me personally at home the day following surgery to see how I was doing. I have never had a doctor do that before. I am very pleased with Dr.Gerstle. I recommend him to my family and friends.
Grenda Sanders
Grenda S.
I've been seeing Dr. Gerstle and his staff over the past several months for some in-office procedures, as well as one surgical procedure, and other surgeries scheduled to follow. I couldn't be more pleased with the results I'm seeing! Also, the treatment I've recieved as a patient makes me feel like I'm the number one priority of the office whenever I am there. Dr. Gerstle is far more personable and thorough about communicating with me, than I've come to a expect from a highly skilled surgeon! I feel that he is passionate about his profession, and it shows! The results are AMAZING! I highly recommend Dr. Theo Gerstle and his very friendly, professional and accommodating staff for all your cosmetic surgery needs!
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca J.
Dr. Gertsle performed my tummy tuck procedure and I am so happy! He is easy to talk to and gave me the high quality attention and level of care that I thought only famous people get. He checked on me often during my recovery and really cared about details during my healing process. I have had other doctors look at my stomach and they all are amazed at his work. It’s perfection. My results turned out way better than my friends who had same procedure by other providers. #harvard
Robin Johnson
Robin J.
Dr Gerstle is a kind caring surgeon. He explains all procedures in an way that is easy to understand. He never rushes and spends the time to make you feel comfortable. He is available both after hours and on weekends. I highly recommend him for all procedures. I am very pleased with my results.
Mary Sadowski
Mary S.
I am very impressed with Dr Gerstle . His staff is friendly and very accommodating . He offers a wide variety of services . His work is impeccable.
Michele Lannum
Michele L.
I had a nice vertigo tumble and gashed my head open. Didn’t want to deal with an ER “ surgeon” Called Dr Theo and he and his staff waited for me and took care of it ASAP. I am so greatful for them. Steve and I both are more confident that my scar will heal nicely due to his attention to detail. 2nd emergency he has come to my family’s rescue. Gracie had smithereens for a nose and he rebuilt perfectly. She’s a scuba diver and hasn’t had one issue. Perfection !
Jennifer Hanson
Jennifer H.
A phenomenal Doctor! Definitely goes above and beyond a typical DR. patient experience. Truly takes pride in what he does.
Garland May
Garland M.
Dr Gerstle was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He took his time with me and delivered the best results I’ve had. I’m thankful a friend referred me and so is my skin!
Melissa Gordon
Melissa G.
Dr Gerstle was amazing I first saw him about 3 yrs ago to get botox but I also had a dry patch on my face it was growing. He took patch of right next to my nose about the size of a nickel had it biopsied for skin cancer. No cancer No scare either. I would recommend Dr. Gerstle not only for saving me a large scar but for his knowledge on Cranial Facial Birth Defects. Which was unbelievable because most physians do not have any education on. In 1989 my daughter Ran was born with FRONTAL NASUAL DYSPLASIA .CLEFT FACE . We lived in Maryland in 1990 back then and even today there are so so many doctor's her and I had to educate on her condition which is so hard reliving over her 20 surgeries. So you can just imagine that a doctor here in Kentucky know about immediately .Finally and he also gave us even more information he educated us .Thank God. Besides her Amazing doctors back east Dr. Carson and Dr Dufresne he has been the only doctor that understood what a hard journey Ran and and I have had.....To this day I can call him or Amber with help in new problems that Ran incurres. So like I said he's Amazing.
Patty Baraty
Patty B.
Beautiful office, wonderful staff! Had emergency surgery to close a open incision and Dr. Gerstle took great care of me. Thanks Doc!
Rema Martin
Rema M.
Very professional and friendly front desk staff. Dr Gerstle took the time to explain my procedure thoroughly and gave me ample opportunity to ask questions. Very comfortable atmosphere.
Robert Gevedon
Robert G.
Dr. Gerstle is an amazing surgeon. Even better than that, he has a great bed side manner, something that is rare to come by.
sharam abbott
sharam A.
Dr. Gerstle is fantastic! He really explains the process and goes over options really well. His staff is very kind as well. I scheduled my appointment and needed to change the time. I called the day before my scheduled appointment to have it moved to my lunch hour and they were very flexible. When I arrived the office was very nicely decorated, clean, and comfortable. The staff was welcoming as soon as I walked in! When Dr. Gerstle sit down with me, he was very patient and informative about any procedures I had questions about. I will be a returning patient of his from now on!!
Kristy Sharp
Kristy S.
Dr Gerstle’s professional manner was refreshing! He spent time with me to explain the procedure clearly, so I knew what to expect. He was also extremely attentive with follow-up calls to check on my progress after the surgery. I was totally satisfied with the entire surgical experience, as well as extremely pleased with its outcome.I definitely feel comfortable highly recommending Dr Gerstle to my friends.
Stephanie Sauter
Stephanie S.
Performed an absolutely brilliant surgery. Wonderful staff and excellent follow up!
Thatcher Ozum
Thatcher O.
Dr. Gerstle was very professional and personable. My results were above and beyond my expectations. His expertise was amazing! He and his staff were caring, attentive and friendly. I give them my highest recommendation!
James Renna
James R.
The staff was beyond professional and the doctor took the time to answer all my questions beforehand. Would highly recommend!
Niko Venancio
Niko V.
Dr. Gerstle and staff are amazing. I have been going to see him since he removed a cancerous spot above my lip 4 years ago (which you can't see at all). He has helped me with a breast reduction all the way to botox and chemicals peels. I wouldn't go anywhere else, he makes you feel comfortable and takes the time to explain everything you need to know about the procedure your interested in.
Christina Muncie
Christina M.
Dr. Gerstle is professional, competent, and gives an unbelievable result. I look 10 years younger!!
Katie Tallman
Katie T.
Dr. Gerstle is one of the finest surgeons I’ve had the pleasure to meet. From his excellent bed side manner, his superior medical knowledge and surgical skill, and his caring demeanor, I will always go to him for my plastic surgery needs.
Joshua Hensley
Joshua H.
I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Gerstle! He goes above and beyond. My son had an emergency on a Saturday and with one quick phone call Dr. Gerstle had us in office within 30 minutes. Thank you so much Dr. Gerstle for saving my son from lifetime damage! You are a blessing!
Lindsey T
Lindsey T
I am so delighted with the result from Dr. Theo Gerstle removal of a precancerous growth on my cheek. It was a sunken dark spot and now it is gone. My cheeks are the same now. This was an eyesore to me. I always turned my head for pictures. At the age of 72. Iwas concerned about the results and having plastic surgery but Dr. Gerstle’s explained everything very well and did a fine job. I thank him and his office staff for being so helpful.
Laura Franze
Laura F.
Dr Gerstle is a great plastic surgeon. Just got a neck lift, facelift, lower eyelid lift and fat grafting during one procedure. Love the results. Highly recommend.
tammy foley
tammy F.
Dr. Gerstle is truly an amazing doctor. From his education, bedside manner, expertise, and comfortable office. He made me feel right at home and saved my arm from not only the ugly scar but from preventing a frightening medical emergency. He acted fast on my situation from the moment I reached out to him and he took the time to contact me after his normal hours due to his genuine concern of my health. You don’t find that very often and I could not think of going to anything else for my wellness and my reconstructive needs. I highly recommend him and his team to everyone in need. His team represents him well and invites you in as family. I personally work in a specialized dental office who takes patient care as first priority and find my standards to be higher than most, he exceeds all areas when it comes from the moment you call his office to every follow up visit. Thanks for all you do & I look forward to seeing you in a few months.
Kyleigh Wright
Kyleigh W.
Dr. Gerstle did some work on my eyelids. The results look fabulous. He's very personable and caring. I recommend him highly
David Ehl
David E.
I had to have a tattoo removed to join the Navy. Dr. Gerstle removed my tattoo by doing an excision. The surgery went great. I was very pleased with the results. Staff is friendly and make you feel comfortable.
Devin Mosley
Devin M.
Dr. Gerstle is the best! He fixed my severely broken nose... I’m so happy to be able to breathe again. He also did a difficult scar revision for my eyebrow which looks amazing now! Dr. Gerstle is top notch. Staff is super friendly and they made me feel so comfortable. Every office visit was quick and efficient. So grateful this place exists!
Chelsea Satterly
Chelsea S.
Dr Gerstle and his staff are amazing, they make you feel at home as soon as you walk into the beautiful new office suite. I recently visited the office for a follow up to procedures I had a year ago. We discussed the transformation of the before and after, results are unbelievable. I would highly recommend Dr Gerstle and his practice.
L Maynard Designs
L Maynard D.
Dr. Gerstle is a wonderful doctor. He sincerely cares about his patients. His knowledge and staff are top notch. I look forward to being his patient in the future. I would highly recommend if you want a doctor that genuinely cares for you.
Angela Kestner
Angela K.
I just had the following procedures done by Dr. Gerstle, a face & neck lift with fat transfer and also a slight chin reduction. His staff is wonderful, CJ and Amber are easy to get to know and are kind and willing to help you in anyway they can. Dr. Gerstle is there to take good care of you and it doesn't matter if it's after hours or not. I felt like he put 100% effort in getting me the results that I wanted. I LOVE the results. He is an amazing surgeon as I think he took at least 15 years off of my appearance. He is the only plastic surgeon I will ever go to again.
Dr. Gerstle's artistic approach performing fat transfer to my face was phenomenal. It took 8 years off & looks so natural. He listened to all my concerns and took them into consideration while I was under his care. His approachable and kind personality made my experience enjoyable. I would highly recommend him to others considering fat transfer.
Lillian Osborn
Lillian O.
Amazing surgeon, absolutely worked a miracle on my severe facial injury. He and his team are wonderful, honest and caring and I will recommend Dr Gerstle to anyone needing a talented plastic surgeon. I will forever be grateful to him and his skill.
Belinda Locke
Belinda L.
I have had several procedures performed by Dr Gerstle and each time it has been an excellent experience and result. I have never had any doctor spend more time with me to explain things and be certain that I was comfortable with the planned treatment. He and his team communicated with me as much and as often as I needed before and after my procedures. An excellent experience!
Shelley Barnes
Shelley B.
Dr. Gerstle did an amazing job for me, and I highly recommend him to all of my friends and family for cosmetic procedures. His experience shows and I couldn't be more pleased with my results. I will be a customer for life!
Tara Lewis
Tara L.
Dr Gerstle did a outstanding job on my hand December 2017. He is a very professional, caring and knowledgeable surgeon. I would highly recommend to all my family and friends no matter what your surgical needs are.Thanks again Dr Gerstle your the Best!
Kendra Patton
Kendra P.
One year ago today, Dr. Gerstle performed surgery on me. He was the only one that could target the problem, and was able to immediately give me relief that I hadnt had in months. He is an amazing doctor, suregeon and i would go back to him without any hestitation and would refer him to any family and friends, which I have. He cares about his patients, and goes over and beyond to make them feel their best and accomplish their needs and wants. A very compassionate doctor, and an excellant surgeon. With a great staff backing him up! Five stars hands down!
Lyda Mitchell
Lyda M.
Dr. Gerstle did an outstanding job on my 3 surgeries. He went far and beyond what I expected of him. He is very passionate about his practice and his Patients. I would go to him over anything. Very compassionate caring guy! I would highly recommend him to any of my loved ones🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆
Janice Ingram
Janice I.
Dr. Gerstle is an amazing plastic surgeon. He is caring and compassionate about his patients. My experience with him has been life changing and I am forever grateful to him. I would not hesitate to go to him in the future or refer any family or friends to him. Thank you Dr. Gerstle!!
Sandy Tipton
Sandy T.
Very thoughtful, observant and excellent.
Melissa Taylor Dresler
Melissa Taylor D.
I reached out to Dr. Gerstle for a breast augmentation complicated by tuberous breast constriction. I wasn't an easy case for him yet he did a phenomenal job. His attention to detail and follow up care are remarkable. My surgery was nine months ago so I have had ample experience communicating with both him and his staff. All are friendly, professional, and prompt. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Dr. Gerstle for any future needs and have recommended him to a few friends for various reasons. Schedule your consultation today!
Anonymous Name
Anonymous N.
This man did an amazing job on me. I had previously had surgery from another plastic surgeon and he TRULY BOTCHED my chest up. Not only did dr gerstle fix my chest he also made me feel better about myself. I was truly depressed when I seen dr gerstle because of what the other surgeon had done to me. So if anyone needs plastic surgery please go see him and let him do the surgery.
James Kavathas
James K.
Dr. Gerstle and his staff are all amazing, genuine people to work with and the most respectful staff I've ever personally dealt with. The most exciting time of my weeks post op are my follow up appointments because they treat every patient like family. I've heard of other top surgeons just chopping and leaving, but Gerstle is true to his word and even offers to fix anything that may have gone wrong so you're getting what you're paying for. As a trans guy, I can say I wouldn't go to any other surgeon nearby. Cheap in price, amazing results, and so dedicated to you that he even replies out of business hours (which almost no one ever does, not even general family doctors.) What more could you ask for?
Wesley Asher
Wesley A.
Dr. Gerstle has done all of my surgical tattoo removals. He is an amazing doctor filled with passion and care for his patients. He will answer any questions or concerns you may have and give you comfort. Even though I had pulled my stitches multiple times Dr. Gerstle still takes time to stitch me back up and never blames the patient. I have recommended multiple friends to his practice and will continue to do so. Staff is amazing always. No matter what your surgery recommend Dr. Gerstle.
Travis Hupp
Travis H.
Super nice man. Amazing doctor. Professional staff.
Shane Nicholson
Shane N.
Transman who had top surgery with Dr. Gerstle and Dr. Bass, amazing staff. Will go above and beyond for their patients. I could've have asked for a better group of people working for me and on me. Trans guys and gals check Dr. Gerstle out for sure!
Jay Thomas
Jay T.
I had botox here, and he did an excellent job. All of the staff was welcoming and friendly. They provided a thorough exam; temperature check, blood pressure, weight, etc. that I didn't ask for , but I greatly appreciated.
Anonymous Reviewer
Anonymous R.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Dr. Gerstle understands that patients seeking reconstructive surgery are on a path they never wanted to embark on in the first place. Be it reconstructive post injury or cancer… Read more


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Plastic surgeon dr. theodore gerstle of Lexington Plastic Surgery - Lexington PS

Meet Theo Gerstle, MD – Lexington Plastic Surgeon
Innovation and excellence in plastic surgery.

Dr. Theodore L. Gerstle is a native of New York with strong roots in the state of Kentucky.  Though he has a large extended Kentucky family, he was born and raised in Westchester, New York.  He has a long history of service, beginning in childhood as he joined the Boy Scouts of America, ultimately achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. He received his Bachelors of Science in Engineering Management at The United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

After Dr. Gerstle’s military commitment was complete, he decided that medicine was the best way to continue helping others. He entered University of Louisville’s School of Medicine, was elected the President of his class each year he was there. He has received multiple awards, including acceptance into the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society.

Read Dr. Gerstle’s Full Bio & Credentials >

What is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic plastic surgery is designed to alter certain personal features or characteristics you’d like to see enhanced. For many of our Lexington Plastic Surgery clients, it can result in redesigning their body’s contour and shape, smoothing wrinkles, or eliminating balding areas. There are dozens of cosmetic surgery procedures that men and women can choose from to sculpt an image which allows them feel more confident and comfortable with their self image. Despite health insurance companies typically not covering the cost of cosmetic surgery procedures, the amount of men and women opting to have cosmetic plastic surgery continues to rise. The top cosmetic plastic surgeries are breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck, and facelift. If you’re looking for trusted Lexington surgeons, Dr. Theo Gerstle and his staff will make you feel right at come.

What is Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

Reconstructive plastic surgery is used to correct facial and body abnormalities resulting from birth defects, injury, disease, or aging. Typically, the focus of reconstructive plastic surgery is to drastically help body function. However, reconstructive plastic surgery is also done to create a more normal appearance and improve self-esteem (this may also be called cosmetic surgery). Abnormal structures of the body may result from:

  • Injury
  • Infection
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Birth defects
  • Disease
  • Tumors

Our Lexington plastic surgeons focus on clearly identifying your needs and walking you through your procedure clearly.

Plastic Surgery Benefits

Better Self-Confidence

When you look awesome, you feel awesome. Improvements to how you look and feel naturally translate to increased self-confidence for many patients, which results in a greater desire and drive to try new things or feel more comfortable in social situations. Patients may also feel more comfortable wearing specific types of clothing or take part in activities they avoided before having plastic surgery, due to feeling uncomfortable with their appearance before. Our plastic surgeons are here to help you find the confidence you deserve.

Better Physical Health

Some plastic surgery procedures can improve your physical well beings along with your looks. For instance, rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery may improve breathing while at the same time can lift the the aesthetics of the nose. Breast reduction surgery improves the body shape, however, it can also relieve physical discomfort such as neck and back pain and skin irritation from abnormally large breasts.

Better Mental Health

Mental health benefits can be achieved from plastic surgery along with aesthetics and physical health improvements. Some patients see a reduction in social anxiety after their Lexington plastic surgery procedure, as a result of increased feelings of self-confidence their new look inspires. It is not abnormal to feel more control over your life, become more enthusiastic in trying new challenges, or take charge of your live in ways you could not before. Our Lexington plastic surgeons understand that above all physical needs, a patient’s mental health is the most important.

More Opportunities

Many studies mention that patients who are more attractive often enjoy more professional and personal opportunities. A 2017 study published in Economics Today discovered that better looking real estate agents were able to sell properties at a higher price than agents that were not thought of as attractive. More studies have shown that attractive people often make higher salaries and are awarded larger promotions more often. Our Lexington plastic surgeons will help you transform your body and mind so that you can access more opportunities that are within your reach.

Keep The Weight Off

Patients seeking body contouring, such as liposuction or a tummy tuck, often find it is less difficult to keep the weight off after their plastic surgery. The positive results of the procedure often motivates the patient to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen to keep their weight under control. A healthy weight may also lead to a healthier system and reduced chance for various types of diseases.

There are many reasons why our Lexington Plastic Surgery patients consider plastic surgery today. After a successful operation or consultation, you can also discover benefits from your surgery which you never realized were possible.

Also Offering Pediatric Surgeon Services

We offer a full range of pediatric surgeon services in Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Theo Gerstle works with different child patients throughout the year. During this time of Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak, our Lexington Plastic Surgery office is taking on topical surgeries for children such as lacerations, cuts, stitches, trauma, sutures, and dog bites. Don’t lose precious time waiting in the Hospital Emergency Room in Lexington, KY. If your child is in need of any of these procedures, give our pediatric Lexington surgeons a call today and get seen quickly.