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Breast enhancement is a specialty of Lexington, Kentucky plastic surgeon Theo Gerstle, M.D. There are many ways to enhance the contour of a breast including breast augmentation of a congenitally small breast with breast implants, reshaping large breasts with breast reduction, or rearranging the tissues of an aging breast to create a more youthful appearance.

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Cosmetic surgery to improve shape and body contour is increasingly popular. There are many reasons people are dissatisfied with their current shape and seek Dr. Gerstle’s help. Some people can blame genetics for excess fat or tissue in certain areas or perhaps not enough shape in other areas.

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As we age, our skin loses elasticity. Our tissues sag and lose volume, and we often appear older than we are and more tired than we feel. Patients over 40 often seek Dr. Gerstle’s expertise to help restore an appearance more consistent with their youth.

breast surgery


Breast enhancement is a specialty of Lexington, Kentucky plastic surgeon Theo Gerstle, M.D. There are many ways to enhance the contour of a breast including breast augmentation of a congenitally small breast with breast implants, reshaping large breasts with breast reduction, or rearranging the tissues of an aging breast to create a more youthful appearance.

body surgery


Cosmetic surgery to improve shape and body contour is increasingly popular. There are many reasons people are dissatisfied with their current shape and seek Dr. Gerstle’s help. Some people can blame genetics for excess fat or tissue in certain areas or perhaps not enough shape in other areas.

face surgery


As we age, our skin loses elasticity. Our tissues sag and lose volume, and we often appear older than we are and more tired than we feel. Patients over 40 often seek Dr. Gerstle’s expertise to help restore an appearance more consistent with their youth.

Dr. Theo Gerstle

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Dr. Theodore L. Gerstle is a native of New York with strong roots in the state of Kentucky. Though he has a large extended Kentucky family, he was born and raised in Westchester, New York. He has a long history of service, beginning in childhood as he joined the Boy Scouts of America, ultimately achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. He received his Bachelors of Science in Engineering Management at The United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

After Dr. Gerstle’s military commitment was complete, he decided that medicine was the best way to continue helping others. He entered University of Louisville’s School of Medicine, was elected the President of his class each year he was there. He has received multiple awards, including acceptance into the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society.

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Dr. Theo Gerstle of Lexington Plastic Surgery is one of the top plastic surgeons in Lexington, KY. We are committed to excellence and sincerely desire to provide you with quality, privacy, and care when it comes to your search for trusted Lexington plastic surgeons.

Theo Gerstle, MD is a Harvard trained plastic surgeon dedicated to helping you look and feel your very best. He values excellence in surgical techniques while providing compassionate, patient-centered care. Whether you are considering cosmetic surgery or surgery for relief of debilitating migraine headaches, Dr. Gerstle and his team at Lexington Plastic Surgery want to hear about your goals and work with you to achieve the most natural and successful result. Learn more about any one of our premier plastic surgery services here in Lexington, KY including breast augmentation, face lift, tattoo removal, labiaplasty, liposuction , tummy tuck surgery, and much more. Get in touch with one of the most trusted Lexington plastic surgeons!

Please review our procedure pages and patient education materials. If you feel you’re ready to take the next step and speak with Dr. Gerstle schedule a consultation through our request form or call our office at (859) 279-2111.

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What is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic plastic surgery is designed to alter certain personal features or characteristics you’d like to see enhanced. For many of our Lexington Plastic Surgery clients, it can result in redesigning their body’s contour and shape, smoothing wrinkles, or eliminating balding areas. There are dozens of cosmetic surgery procedures that men and women can choose from to sculpt an image which allows them feel more confident and comfortable with their self image.

Despite health insurance companies typically not covering the cost of cosmetic surgery procedures, the amount of men and women opting to have cosmetic plastic surgery continues to rise. The top cosmetic plastic surgeries are breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck, and facelift. If you’re looking for trusted Lexington surgeons, Dr. Theo Gerstle and his staff will make you feel right at come.

Plastic Surgery Benefits

What is Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

Reconstructive plastic surgery is used to correct facial and body abnormalities resulting from birth defects, injury, disease, or aging. Typically, the focus of reconstructive plastic surgery is to drastically help body function. However, reconstructive plastic surgery is also done to create a more normal appearance and improve self-esteem (this may also be called cosmetic surgery). Abnormal structures of the body may result from:

  • Injury
  • Infection
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Birth defects
  • Disease
  • Tumors

Our Lexington plastic surgeons focus on clearly identifying your needs and walking you through your procedure clearly.

Better Self-Confidence

When you look awesome, you feel awesome. Improvements to how you look and feel naturally translate to increased self-confidence for many patients, which results in a greater desire and drive to try new things or feel more comfortable in social situations. Patients may also feel more comfortable wearing specific types of clothing or take part in activities they avoided before having plastic surgery, due to feeling uncomfortable with their appearance before. Our plastic surgeons are here to help you find the confidence you deserve.

Better Physical Health

Some plastic surgery procedures can improve your physical well beings along with your looks. For instance, rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery may improve breathing while at the same time can lift the the aesthetics of the nose. Breast reduction surgery improves the body shape, however, it can also relieve physical discomfort such as neck and back pain and skin irritation from abnormally large breasts.

Better Mental Health

Mental health benefits can be achieved from plastic surgery along with aesthetics and physical health improvements. Some patients see a reduction in social anxiety after their Lexington plastic surgery procedure, as a result of increased feelings of self-confidence their new look inspires. It is not abnormal to feel more control over your life, become more enthusiastic in trying new challenges, or take charge of your live in ways you could not before. Our Lexington plastic surgeons understand that above all physical needs, a patient’s mental health is the most important.

More Opportunities

Many studies mention that patients who are more attractive often enjoy more professional and personal opportunities. A 2017 study published in Economics Today discovered that better looking real estate agents were able to sell properties at a higher price than agents that were not thought of as attractive. More studies have shown that attractive people often make higher salaries and are awarded larger promotions more often. Our Lexington plastic surgeons will help you transform your body and mind so that you can access more opportunities that are within your reach.

Keep The Weight Off

Patients seeking body contouring, such as liposuction or a tummy tuck, often find it is less difficult to keep the weight off after their plastic surgery. The positive results of the procedure often motivates the patient to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen to keep their weight under control. A healthy weight may also lead to a healthier system and reduced chance for various types of diseases.

There are many reasons why our Lexington Plastic Surgery patients consider plastic surgery today. After a successful operation or consultation, you can also discover benefits from your surgery which you never realized were possible.

Also Offering Pediatric Surgeon Services

We offer a full range of pediatric surgeon services in Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Theo Gerstle works with different child patients throughout the year. During this time of Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak, our Lexington Plastic Surgery office is taking on topical surgeries for children such as lacerations, cuts, stitches, trauma, sutures, and dog bites. Don’t lose precious time waiting in the Hospital Emergency Room in Lexington, KY. If your child is in need of any of these procedures, give our pediatric Lexington plastic surgeons a call today and get seen quickly.

You’ve been dreaming about making real changes to your appearance, and we believe it’s time to put yourself first.

After all, your appearance is part of you.

At Lexington Plastic Surgery, our number one goal is to make you feel good about yourself. To bring out the very best in you, by helping you like what you see in the mirror every day. When you know you deserve to be at your best, the decision to make improvements is an easy one.

Plastic Surgery in Lexington, Kentucky

Breast Enhancement

Breast Enhancement is an art as well as a science. Dr. Gerstle’s decades of experience in reshaping, even remaking the female breast make him uniquely qualified in our region to create a look that you are proud of. When your breasts suit your body, you look better in your clothes and in a bathing suit, you feel more confident at work or in the dating world, and you like who you see in the mirror even more than you already do! Every woman has a right to breasts that support her sense of well-being, whether that means bigger, smaller, or just perkier and more youthful, you have every reason to go ahead with breast enhancement surgery to finally get the breasts you’ve always wanted.

Breast Augmentation: In our practice, we consult with women every day who come to us to achieve the breasts they’ve always wanted. Women are sometimes surprised by the many options they have in terms of shape, size, and even nipple augmentation. It’s our privilege to work with you to present all of the options as well as to advise you on the best, longest lasting, and most flattering shape that will suit your body frame and type as well as your lifestyle.

Breast Reduction: Release yourself from the burden of large, heavy breasts with breast reduction surgery. Dr. Gerstle and our staff understand your need to live life on your own terms with breasts that don’t weigh you down. Whether you’re exercising or participating in sports, chasing your kiddos around, or just wanting to go about your day to day activities without constantly considering your breasts, we’re ready to take the journey with you to a manageable yet still attractive and balanced cup size.

Breast Lift: Breast enhancement is not always a matter of size. Droopy, sagging breasts can make you feel undesirable—and far older than you are. Along with removing excess skin that ages you, we can correct asymmetries and reshape large or distorted nipples. Breastfeeding, sun exposure, or just unlucky genes can leave you less than thrilled with your cleavage, shape, and breast projection. A breast lift can do wonders to restore lost firmness and create a silhouette that can turn back the clock.

Male Breast Reduction: When was the last time you felt free to bare your chest without embarrassment? With cutting-edge procedures, we can turn flabby, saggy breast tissue into a firm, masculine chest you are proud to show off. When dieting and exercise have failed you for the last time, male breast reduction surgery is your ticket to start over with a body you feel good about. In the process, we remove excess skin and can resize nipples to give you the tight, contoured chest that’s been eluding you.

Facial Rejuvenation

Stop dreaming of a firmer, more youthful, more contoured face—because you can have it in real life! We offer everything from in-office chemical peels and skincare to Kybella treatments, rhinoplasty, and full facelifts. Wherever you are ready to start, we will be your partner in facial rejuvenation. Schedule an appointment in our office for a commitment-free, no-stress consultation with Dr. Gerstle. A casual discussion of areas for improvement will give you a feel for all of your options; from there, you can work out a timeline to take action at whatever level you are ready.

Facelift: A facelift is a true gift that you give to yourself. At a certain age, superficial treatments and injectables can no longer head off the aging process sufficiently to overcome the look of sagging skin, hollowing cheeks, and the dreaded “turkey neck.” A facelift is a chance to refine your entire face all at once, a process that will shave years off of your face and facial features. Our goal is to make you look like you, only younger—along with a few refinements here and there. Of course, we can always combine a facelift with facial fat grafting to increase the impact even further.

Kybella: Kybella is a revolutionary treatment that can correct a double chin without surgical intervention. A quick and relatively painless injection neutralizes fat cells in the chin permanently, drastically reducing a double chin over several months and only three to six injections.

Otoplasty: Ear pinning is principally a surgery that is carried out on teenagers, while the ears are still highly malleable. Given the sensitivity of working with children, we ensure that you have all of the information necessary to make the best decision for your child. Adults may successfully undergo the surgery as well, however, and it can be particularly freeing for women, who may have always felt the need to hide their ears beneath their hair.

Neck Lift: While we have multiple solutions to apply to the neck area to increase firmness and promote a youthful appearance, the neck lift is the most comprehensive. Because part of a neck lift procedure is manually tightening the underlying tissues, the results are far more lasting than facials or Botox injections.

Eyelid Surgery: Saggy, droopy eyes can easily be remedied, leaving you with a brighter, sunnier, more optimistic appearance. While we can’t actually change the size of your eyes, we can emphasize them by removing excess, hooded skin. A brow lift is a common companion surgery that can further open up the eye area.

Brow Lift: Along with eyelid surgery, a brow lift can open up your eyes and your entire face by smoothing out your forehead, lifting through the eyebrow area, removing the lines between the eyebrows, and tightening the entire forehead.

Face Implants: There are implants that can enhance virtually every area of the face, adding definition, emphasis, and contour to weak features such as cheeks, chin, lips, and jawline. Sometimes, adding an implant to just one or two features can bring the rest into balance. Facial implants are safe, permanent (unless you choose to reverse them surgically), affordable, and have a shorter recovery time than other, more drastic surgical interventions.

Lip Enhancement: Sultry, sexy lips may be one of the defining physical characteristics of our time. This can be achieved through hyaluronic acid filler, lip implants, or fat grafting.

Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty can be done for cosmetic or medical reasons—or both. Whether you’re looking for a slight recontour or a full nose makeover, we have solutions. A nose job can increase your confidence along with correcting breathing and sleeping issues. Rhinoplasty is one of our most-requested procedures, as the nose is perhaps the one feature that can reflect even minor imperfections across the whole face, upsetting an otherwise harmonious appearance.

Skin: Clear, smooth, buoyant, flawless skin is a hallmark of youthful energy. At our office we offer a comprehensive suite of services to remove flaws, promote firmness, and help you radiate a youthful glow. We offer Botox injections and injectable fillers, easy solutions to plump up and fill in lines. Services like tattoo and spider vein removal restore skin to its prior luster and clarity. We offer world class skincare treatments by Dr. Obagi that rejuvenate and maintain your skin with the help of our expert estheticians. Dr. Gerstle is even an expert in facial reconstruction following skin cancer removal. Look no further than Lexington Plastic Surgery for all of your skin care needs.


Liposuction and the tummy tuck are staples of body enhancement for good reason, but they’re far from your only options for enhancing your current look. Dr. Gerstle can help you say goodbye to flabby arms, heavy thighs, a flat butt, even flaws in the look of your genitalia. There are many tools in Dr. Gerstle’s toolbox—including liposuction, implants, surgical recontouring, skin removal—to help you attain the body you’ve always dreamed of, whether that means refining a few problem areas here and there or a whole body recontouring after dramatic weight loss.

Liposuction: While not suitable for removing large quantities of excess fat, liposuction can reshape and recontour such diverse areas as the chin, calves, thighs, arms, belly, and back. Areas that cannot be reached by exercise, however persistent you are, can be transformed by the magic of liposuction. Fat can even be harvested from parts of the body where it is unwanted and then injected into other areas, such as lips and breasts. Liposuction is a truly wonderful tool.

Butt Enhancement: Looking great in the perfect pair of jeans, leggings, or on the beach is well within your reach with the help of Lexington Plastic Surgery. We can lift, sculpt, firm, and pump up your booty with fat transfer, to give you a backside that looks good no matter where you go.

Thigh lift: Thighs are one of those trouble spots that can accumulate fat and a pebbled texture over years and decades. Troublesome fat in the thigh area can be an issue at almost any age. Work on the inner, outer, and upper thighs can solve the worst problems plaguing things such as saddlebags and cellulite, giving you the confidence to embrace your summer wardrobe.

Tummy Tuck: As we get older, we seem to pay for that one donut, extra scoop of ice cream, or slice of cake even if we’ve been good for days or weeks on end. The tummy tuck is the procedure that can remove excess fat and skin in the abdominal region, while also surgically strengthening the muscles of the abdominal wall.

Brachioplasty: Banish bat wings for good with brachioplasty, otherwise known as an arm lift. The area along the underside of the arm is, unfortunately, a repository for fat deposits that are difficult or impossible to remove with diet and exercise. Add excess skin to the equation, and often the only solution is surgery. Fortunately, brachioplasty is a safe and usually relatively painless operation.

Labiaplasty: Whether congenitally misshapen or enlarged labia are the issue, or whether you’re seeking a full-body Mommy Makeover following the birth of one or more children, you do not need to be shy about labiaplasty. Thousands of these procedures are performed every year, and we treat them the same as any other plastic surgery procedure: as an opportunity to create a more confident, more empowered you.

Contouring After Weight Loss: Drastic weight loss or fat removal can create a new issue: excess skin, asymmetries, and vestiges of the past that are incompatible with your new look. Your next step in the process may be one or a combination of the following: liposuction, tummy tuck, arm and thigh lift, neck lift, and buttock enhancement. Now that you can fit into that great dress or killer suit, take the final step to create a look that you are confident to show off!