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Breast augmentation is one of the most requested procedures in our office. We would love nothing more than to help you achieve the look that makes you feel your best!

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During your visit to our office, we will walk you through the many factors and options available when it comes to breast augmentation. Size, shape, type, projection…all of these decisions and more will have an impact on your final look. We respectfully help you to understand the right fit for your body, taking into consideration your age, body shape and mass, plans for future pregnancies, and many other factors to ensure that you are happy with the outcome. Schedule an appointment in our Lexington, KY office

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Breast Procedures


The New You—Working With Dr. Gerstle

Given the many options for the look of your new breasts and the impact their appearance can have on your emotional and psychological health, it’s important to carefully consider your expectations for surgery and what you want the final result to be. Implants come in different sizes, profiles, materials, and shapes, and all of these must be factored in to any decision about breast augmentation. Dr. Gerstle will review all of these options with you in detail.


Every patient of ours has had an ideal breast size, or at least a range of sizes, that they would like to have. We understand! You’ve probably been dreaming of the perfect breasts for quite some time, and we want to help you achieve your dreams. At the same time, it’s important to consider all of the factors when choosing an implant size. The size that Dr. Gerstle will recommend for you is based on your frame, your hip width, the buoyancy of your tissues, and many other factors. Breasts that are too large for you can wind up looking too round and, frankly, fake. They will also be likely to cause stretched skin, deformities, and the need for additional procedures down the road. The right size implant for your body will be least likely to promote stretching, thinning and rippling of the skin, drooping, implant dislocation, and pain. This implant will be the longest lasting and less likely to require revision surgery.

Dr. Gerstle will ensure that you understand all of the factors involved and will support you in your final decision.


Projection, or profile, describes the prominence that your breasts will have after the implants are inserted and the swelling goes down. There are several different options depending on the implant brand and type. A high or ultra-high implant profile will have significant lift, while a low or moderate profile will sit more naturally—and, of course, lower—on your chest. Before and after pictures will help you to decide on projection. Saline implants tend to have a higher projection than silicone ones.

Types: Saline, Silicone, Fat Transfer

Saline implants are filled with salt water, and can be inserted through a smaller incision than the other types. They tend to achieve a uniform shape and feel.

Regular silicone implants create the softest final results. “Gummy bear” implants are made of a firmer silicone gel, which stands up well over time and has a more lasting shape.

Fat transfer is a similar procedure to fat injections for the lips. Fat is removed via liposuction from other areas of the body and injected into the breast. These results tend to be less reliable, less uniform between the two breasts, and usually can only increase the breasts by about one cup size. And over time, the fat may be reabsorbed into the body. However, it is an option that some prefer, and it may look more natural than others.

It is vital for us to educate our patients regarding breast implant sizing. We know you will be excited to envision what you will look like with larger breasts, and we have an in-office imaging system that helps you do just that. We also have plenty of case studies showing before and after pictures that will help you to decide on the size and shape of breasts that you desire.

Shape: Round and Teardrop

The difference between the two shapes is a matter of the most natural looking result versus the most dramatic one. A round implant creates a fuller look and won’t dislocate as readily as a teardrop shape. Teardrop shaped implants are fuller in the lower part of the implant, more closely mimicking the shape of a natural breast. They tend to be a bit firmer than round implants and may cost a bit more. When they occasionally do shift position, they may cause the breast to look misshapen.

Breast Augmentation Safety

As every plastic surgery patient knows, all procedures carry with them some risk. Armed with the best information about safety and possible risks, you can make the decision that is right for you.

Possible unwanted effects of breast augmentation can include ruptured implants that need to be replaced, implants that shift position, capsular contracture, altered sensation to the breast itself, and unsightly rippling of the breast skin. Dr. Gerstle will discuss these risks with you and what your particular risk profile may be.

Complications from breast augmentation surgery can include infection, allergies to the implant material, tissue loss, hematoma, excessive scarring, and the need for additional procedures.

Overall, we find that our patients are thrilled with the results of their breast augmentation. We’re looking forward to discussing all the risks and benefits with you in our office!

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Patients are seen for a second appointment two weeks prior to their surgery to review the plan and implant choice. He performs the operation in about two hours, during which you will be under general anesthesia. The incisions are usually placed under the breast, around the nipple/areola area, or in the axilla (armpit). Patients go home after a short stay in the surgery center’s recovery room.

Breast Augmentation Post Op

You will have access to Dr. Gerstle’s personal cell phone and his email to check in with any concerns you may have following the surgery. Recovery from breast augmentation surgery is fairly straightforward. It’s important to avoid vigorous activity for several weeks, but you may be up to returning to work within a few days if your work is sedentary.

Make sure to arrange to have someone drive you home from the office, as it will take several hours for the anesthesia to wear off. Having meals prepped and recovery clothing ready along with someone to take care of the house and kids for at least a few days will help immensely.

The soreness can be managed with prescription drugs for the first few days and then with over the counter meds thereafter.Recovery bras made specially for post augmentation surgery will promote healing by keeping your implants in place, imparting gentle compression, reducing swelling, and ensuring lymph drainage.

Dr. Gerstle will want to meet with you in the week following the surgery to ensure that you are well on your way to recovery.

After several weeks to a month, you will be able to resume moderate exercise, as long as you ease into it and listen to your body. You will obviously want to avoid activities like running and any exercise that includes jumping or heavy lifting for some time. Around the two-month mark, Dr. Gerstle will clear you to return to your normal activities if everything has healed well.

Once the swelling goes down, the breasts will shrink slightly in size and become softer, so that they will better mold to bras and clothing. It’s exciting, but be patient for the new you to be revealed! In the case that you experience redness, excessive pain, or discharge from your scars, give us a call to check in. Unusually, there could be some significant differences in healing between the two breasts. If one swells and becomes much harder or more painful than the other, you could be experiencing a hematoma. Call the office right away in this event.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

  • More youthful breast shape
  • Larger, fuller breast
  • Enhanced cleavage
  • Improved proportion with the rest of your body
  • Improved fullness and firmness after pregnancy, breastfeeding and even weight loss
  • Clothes fit better
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem

Breast Augmentation FAQ

What is capsular contracture and how can I avoid it?

Capsular contracture is a complication of breast augmentation. Sometimes scar tissue can collect around the implant, creating a harder, rounder implant that tends to sit higher on the chest. Dr. Gerstle lessens the likelihood of this eventuality by avoiding the nipple incision method of placing implants. You can help by following all recovery instructions and doing the exercises we recommend to promote movement through the area. Capsular contracture is the number one reason that women elect to have revision surgery at some point over the life of their implants.

How long will the swelling last after breast augmentation surgery?

After about a week, the swelling will go down significantly. It will continue to slowly recede for months, and completely by one year.

Will I be able to breastfeed after a breast augmentation?

In most cases, women who undergo breast augmentation with breast implants will still be able to produce milk and breastfeed. Since breastfeeding is so important to the health of a baby, we want to know if this is a possibility in your future so that we can discuss it in more depth as it can help to decide where to place your incision.

Will I need new implants after breastfeeding?

Not necessarily. If breastfeeding causes sagging or stretches out the skin, the implants may become displaced and need to be corrected. However, this is not common.

Will I be able to have mammograms after a breast enhancement procedure?

You will still be able to undergo mammography with breast implants. It is important to continue with the scheduled exams according to your age. When undergoing these exams, please remember to tell the technician that you have implants, so that they can modify the exam accordingly. A thorough screening will require pictures that show views behind the natural breast tissue and additional angles to survey any areas that are blocked by the implant.

Can I do anything to promote the healing of my scars?

We offer a silicone based prescription scar cream called Biocorneum available for purchase in the office, to begin using at one month.

Will I look natural?

Depending on your desired implant size and your anatomic proportions, people will likely notice a more fuller, youthful, and feminine appearance. Dr. Gerstle prides himself on enhancing the natural you. Breast enhancement surgery is regarded as an art; therefore, Dr. Gerstle’s goal is to work with you to provide the most appealing and natural result. It is important to realize that your body—specifically, the amount of tissue (both fat and breast gland)—can limit the size of the implant that can be used. Likewise, height, weight, and the size of your ribcage need to be factored into this decision.

Can implants fix saggy or deflated breasts?

In general, a breast lift will be necessary to correct a sagging breast; a breast that has lost volume due to breastfeeding can be filled out by an implant.

Will the incision scars be visible?

There will be some potentially visible scarring. Dr. Gerstle’s job is to minimize the appearance of any scars by choosing an appropriate incision area, whether under the breast, under the armpit, or around the nipple. Some people’s scars heal more completely than others.

Keep the incisions completely protected from the sun for a year after the surgery to protect them from sun damage.

Will I lose sensation to my breast or nipple?

A partial or even major loss of sensation is possible. We do everything we can to avoid loss of sensation in the nipple in particular. The lower part of the breast has the greatest chance for permanent loss of sensation. It’s a risk, but many women choose to accept it when the risks are weighed against potential benefit.

What if one of my implants gets damaged?

A ruptured saline implant is not dangerous. Once it has emptied completely after a week or so, you will, of course, have different sized breasts and will need a revision.

Silicone implants rarely rupture, but you should notify the office if you think that may be the case.

Will I experience pain while I’m recovering from breast augmentation surgery?

The procedure is not typically exceptionally painful. Most people can manage their pain with over the counter painkillers after the first few days. If you experience excessive pain, call our office or give Dr. Gerstle a call on his cell phone.

When can I go back to my normal activities?

Depending on the sort of job you do, you may be able to return to it immediately or after only a few days of recovery. If you are a personal trainer or must do heavy lifting as a part of your job, you will need more time.

In terms of exercise, it’s important to give the incisions time to heal and the swelling to go down. Bleeding and soreness can arise if your heart rate is elevated, so for strenuous activities, follow Dr. Gerstle’s advice; you will probably need a month before you can return to them. However, light activity will keep you in good spirits, so feel free to be on your feet for at least part of the day after the surgery if you are up to it.

Will the look of my implants change once the surgery has healed?

At first, your implants will sit higher on the chest than you expect; this is normal. It will take approximately six months for the implants to settle to their approximate permanent level, but they may continue to descend and adjust slightly for up to a year.

Breast Augmentation Financing

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Breast Augmentation

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