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One of the most common procedures performed here in our office is the injection of BOTOX®. Cosmetically, BOTOX® injections leave the skin with a smoother, more refreshed, youthful appearance. The cosmetic form of botulinum toxin is a non-surgical injection that blocks the signals from the nerves that tell muscles to contract and constrict, so the BOTOX® injection allows your facial muscles to relax. When these facial muscles relax, it helps to lessen wrinkles, smooths out fine lines, and creates a more youthful-looking appearance to your skin.

Doctors have been using BOTOX® to treat wrinkles and creases in the face for years. Due to the research it has gone through during its long history, BOTOX® is FDA approved and is considered a routine, safe and effective medical procedure. Everyone gets wrinkles over time, as we all smile, frown and furrow our eyebrows. BOTOX® is simply a safe way to get rid of those wrinkles.

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BOTOX Injection

What to expect during your BOTOX® appointment

The needle used during the BOTOX® injection is very small. We use a small needle in order to minimize any discomfort. You will not need anesthesia and most people don’t feel much, if any, discomfort at all. The BOTOX® injection procedure itself only takes a few minutes, and you can begin to see the results immediately and the full effect of the BOTOX® within 7 to 14 days.

When to schedule your BOTOX® appointment

While BOTOX® is not permanent, your new look will last a while, for about 3 to 4 months. It is best to schedule treatments before the effect of the prior treatment wears off. Additional treatments can also help prevent the formation of new wrinkles because your facial muscles will not be able to create new wrinkles by contracting and constricting as they would without the BOTOX® in them.

Can I get BOTOX® if I’m a man?

Yes! Since 2000 the number of men going in for BOTOX® procedures has increased by 337 percent. Men, just as women, may experience negative ageist beliefs at their place of employment or in business. Often white-collar working professionals, especially in law or fashion, will try BOTOX®. They’ve often seen the impressive results that their wife or significant other has experienced and want that same cosmetic advantage to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin.


The benefits of BOTOX® for chronic migraines

Dr. Gerstle may also inject BOTOX® in areas where migraine headaches are triggered in order to evaluate a patient’s candidacy for surgical treatment of migraines. While migraines can show up differently for everyone, they usually include experiencing sensitivity to light, feeling nauseous, and even vomiting. Migraines can affect people for hours or even days at a time.

BOTOX® injections have been shown in some cases to help with reducing the frequency of these headaches. It is estimated by the American Migraine Foundation that over 38 million people in America get migraines. Women are three times more likely to get migraines than men, and the average person starts having migraines between the ages of 10 and 40. Family history and additional medical conditions such as depression and anxiety, menopause, as well as a lack of sleep and epilepsy, can increase the odds of an individual having migraines. Even weather patterns can impact and increase the risk of a person having migraines.

As one of the leading Lexington Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Gerstle’s knowledge of head and neck anatomy means that he is skilled at understanding what can give you the best result. Therefore, he performs these migraine treatments personally.

Other benefits of BOTOX®

There are also interesting studies that have shown other uses for BOTOX® injections in addition to lessening migraine headaches and using it for wrinkle-free, youthful-looking skin.

BOTOX® is able to assist your body in a variety of ways in how it functions. Some studies indicate that early treatment may help prevent frown lines from forming, and it also helps with crow’s feet (those pesky lines that form around the eyes.)

There are also studies that indicate BOTOX® can help with excessive sweating if injected into the underarm area. There is a condition called hyperhidrosis in which sweating will occur excessively even if it’s not hot and you’re not physically exerting yourself, which BOTOX® can help to relieve.

BOTOX® can also help with a condition called cervical dystonia. Cervical dystonia is a neurological disorder known for causing spasms in the neck and shoulder area.

Eye twitching, or uncontrollable blinking called blepharospasm, can also be relieved at times through BOTOX® injections as it can relax the muscles around the eyes.

Since the usual cause of lazy eye, or eyes that point in different directions, also known as strabismus, is caused by issues with the muscles that position the eye, BOTOX® injections can also be used to help correct this imbalance.

BOTOX® can be used to enhance the quality of life for people in a variety of different situations and in a variety of different ways, which is why we encourage you to call our office and ask about various treatment plans.

If you think any of these treatments might be for you, call Dr. Gerstle to set up a consultation at (859) 279-2111.

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