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The neck can be lifted, contoured, and sculpted via various surgical and non-surgical means, including liposuction for fat removal, surgery or laser treatment for tightening the neck, Botox to eliminate platysmal bands, Kybella to eliminate fat from under the chin, and more.

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Neck Lift


Neck Lift Surgery Safety

During your initial consultation, Dr. Gerstle will review the safety profile of neck lift surgery and the other procedures we offer. As with any surgical procedure, you will undergo a full medical exam and your medical history will be taken into account, especially if you’ve previously had a reaction to anesthesia.

To minimize the possibility of infection, our surgical staff maintains the highest standards of cleanliness. Smokers are at higher risk for complications and must refrain from smoking for at least six weeks before and after surgery in order to allow healing of the incision sites. Rare complications can include nerve damage, fluid collection beneath the skin, or discoloration or uneven fat distribution to the neck after the procedure, but the risk is quite low.

Common effects of the surgery which should resolve after a week or so include tightness, numbness, swelling and bruising, and unusual nerve sensations.

Non-Surgical Neck Contouring Procedures

● Botox: Botox is an easy, quick, non-invasive contouring technique that can smooth neck banding. The procedure can be done in our office and will last three to four months.

● Kybella: Kybella is an injectable agent that can be used to treat a double chin. It works by rendering fat cells unable to store fat, so the procedure, once complete, should be permanent. A full treatment is usually about three to six injections spaced one month apart.

● Fillers: Injectable fillers consist of substances that have a plumping action and can give a boost to saggy, wrinkled, or lifeless skin. Fillers promote collagen production and can last for twelve to fourteen months at a time.

Neck Lift Surgical Procedures

If the look you want can only be achieved by more invasive techniques, then a partial or full neck lift may be indicated. In these situations, the platysma, the thin layer of neck muscle that stands out when you turn your head or flex your neck, and its surrounding tissue have become lax, have started to sag, and can only be lifted and tightened surgically. Occasionally, liposuction may also be done along with the neck lift. If the neck lift is done alone or with liposuction, you can expect it to take about three hours under general anesthesia in our outpatient surgery center.

Neck Lift Post Op

You will be cleared to go home on the same day following neck liposuction or a surgical neck lift. Dr. Gerstle will see you in his office for a follow-up visit the day after surgery. The doctor is always available on his personal cell phone or via email for any questions or concerns that arise in between office visits.

Following these procedures, most people will feel well enough to return to work after several days. To support the procedure, you will wear a neck garment to keep light pressure on the area, which will minimize swelling and aid in healing. Pain medication will relieve any pain or discomfort following the surgery, which is generally mild to moderate.

It’s a good idea to have someone with you for at least 24-48 hours following the surgery to cook meals, help you get around, answer the phone, and in case any emergency should arise.

Neck Lift Surgery Benefits

  • Gives you a tighter, more youthful contour
  • Minimizes excess neck fat or fat under the chin (double chin)
  • Long-lasting results
  • Enhances self-confidence

Neck Lift FAQ

Does my condition require surgery? Can I try the less invasive techniques first?

Making the decision to have surgery is no small matter, so it is important to assess your goals and talk openly during your consultation. Dr. Gerstle strongly believes in taking the most minimally invasive approach to achieving your goals, and he wants you to be happy with your plan and your new look. Most importantly, however, he wants you to be safe. If you undergo the less invasive procedures and decide to undergo liposuction or a neck lift in the future, that is an option.

When can I resume exercise?

For procedures such as peels and dermabrasions, you can resume normal activities as soon as you feel ready. Most people are back to normal within a day or so. For the minor surgical approaches, such as liposuction under the chin, Dr. Gerstle recommends resuming light activity at about two weeks and vigorous exercise at a month. For those who undergo full neck lift with or without a facelift, please follow the doctor’s guidelines carefully. Generally, Dr. Gerstle wants patients who undergo a neck lift to refrain from vigorous activity for at least six weeks.

Will I be able to move my neck normally afterwards?

Right after your surgery, it is normal to have some stiffness and swelling. This starts to improve within the first week. After that time, you should not have a problem with your neck motion.

Is neck surgery right for me?

For those in good health, surgery is a very successful corrective procedure for conditions such as sagging skin, fatty neck, jowls or loose skin along the jaw, or a weak, receding, or double chin.

Will the incision site(s) be noticeable?

No, they are usually well hidden behind the ear.

What procedures are available to rejuvenate the neck area?

Chemical peels, dermabrasion, chin implant, liposuction, neck lift, laser treatment, plasma pen, and Kybella all have a place in improving the look of the neck area depending on your goals and unique situation.

Is a neck lift permanent?

No procedure can stop the aging process, but your neck should be firmer and more youthful looking for the rest of your life than it would have been without the surgery.

Can neck lift surgery be combined with other facial rejuvenation techniques such as implant placement or a face lift?

Yes! Combining surgeries safely cuts down on the risk sustained with repeated anesthesia, allows you to combine recovery periods, and gives you the look you want in the shortest amount of time. Dr. Gerstle will be happy to recommend surgeries that combine well with a neck lift if you are interested.

When can I return to work?

Allow at least one month away from work to recover at home.

When can I return to my workout?

It’s important to keep moving after a surgical procedure to prevent blood clots, so walking or doing light housework are encouraged once Dr. Gerstle gives you the all clear. You will need to rest for at least several weeks before returning to light exercise, and you should wait at least six weeks or until your incisions are completely healed to go back to vigorous exercise.

Neck Lift Surgery Financing

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Neck Lift

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