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Top Surgery - Female To Male: Patient 4

Top Surgery - Female To Male: Patient 4

Top Surgery - Female To Male: Patient 4

This 23 year old female to male gender confirmation patient presented with asymmetry and a desire for a masculine chest.  The patient also had a fear of anesthesia and wished to be awake for the prcodure.  He tolerated it well and and is very pleased with his result.

Patient quote: "I feel comfortable in clothes and am so glad to be done binding.  I now need to get to the gym and put some muscle on.  Thanks Dr. Gerstle!"

  • Age: Under 25 years old
  • Weight: Between 100 and 115 pounds
  • Height: 5'4" to 5'7"
  • Gender: Male
  • Post-op Timeline: 12 months
  • Technique: Limited Incision periareolar approach with liposuction under conscious sedation
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