Beyond Botox for Migraine Treatment: New Options on the Horizon

For treatment and management, Botox for migraines is one of the few therapies that improves the patient’s condition. Botox for migraine treatment is the only FDA-approved preventive treatment for patients suffering from chronic migraines. But, according to American Headache Society (AHS) a new class of drugs may change all that.

A recent press release by the AHS outlines research findings pointing to a possible new treatment of migraines as well as a root cause. A neuropeptide called CGRP is present throughout the body, but appears at elevated levels during a migraine, then decreases when the migraine subsides. According to the AHS, three new experimental treatments have shown to be effective at preventing attacks by blocking CGRP from binding with receptor cells in the brain. This research was presented at the annual AHS scientific meeting; the findings were preliminary and a longer-term study is needed to confirm efficacy.

How Botox for Migraines Works

Like the proposed drug treatments, the current Botox for migraine therapy acts as a block. In a Botox Cosmetic treatment, signals between the nerve cells and the muscles are blocked, which results in muscle-paralysis, albeit temporary. Normal muscle function returns after about three months. During the three month period, the skin is able to relax, deceasing the appearance of wrinkles. It is believed that the same neurotransmitter blocking-action may reduce the pain of migraines and prevent onset altogether.

Two studies in 2010 led to the FDA approval for Botox for chronic migraines. Both studies showed that Botox was significantly better than a placebo, statistically speaking, for both ending migraine attacks and reducing the frequency of migraine attacks in a 28 day period. For patients who suffer migraines more than 15 days a month and do not like daily medication because of side-effects or inconvenience, injections of Botox once every three months may provide the relief they seek.

Botox Migraine Treatments in Lexington, KY

Dr. Gerstle and Lexington Plastic Surgery currently offer Botox for Migraines treatments as part of our commitment to compassionate, patient-centered care. As more news on migraine treatments develops we’ll share the exciting news and look for ways to incorporate the latest treatments into our practice. If you or someone you know suffers from migraines, let them know that safe and effective migraine treatment is currently available at  Lexington Plastic Surgery.