Difference between TNS Essential Serum and TNS Advanced Serum

Jun 1, 2023

Wrinkles come naturally as you get older. There’s nothing wrong with embracing your fine lines. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid using products that help rejuvenate your skin. Therefore, keep reading to learn the difference between TNS Essential Serum and TNS Advanced Serum.

Cosmetic treatment products by SkinMedica have been very popular over the past few years. Customers are satisfied with the results of using the serums and appreciate the natural ingredients in their new products. 

This company is not a one-trick pony. In addition to their classic products, they often develop new and improved formulas. Because of this, some of their customers started using the TNS Advanced Serum as a replacement for the TNS Essential Serum.

Difference Between TNS Essential Serum and TNS Advanced Serum

Difference Between TNS Essential Serum and TNS Advanced Serum

The growth factor is the main difference between TNS Essential Serum and TNS Advanced Serum, together with the scent and color. Additionally, the advanced formula includes slightly different ingredients, making the skin appear more youthful faster.

TNS Essential Serum vs. TNS Advanced Serum

SkinMedica is the pioneer of TNS. Their serums are known for bringing back the natural glow to the skin. The TNS Essential Serum is an anti-aging treatment that helps hydrate the skin and decrease the appearance of skin texture and fine lines.

Many people thought that this skin rejuvenating product was the best on the market until they launched TNS Advanced Serum. The advanced serum’s formula is advertised as an all-in-one solution for skin problems such as discoloration

Both products might mitigate the visible signs of aging, sagging skin, and hyperpigmentation. But before you purchase either of SkinMedica’s products, it’s important to know the difference between TNS Essential Serum and TNS Advanced Serum.

Chamber treatments

Both TNS Essential Serum and TNS Advanced Serum have two chambers. Each chamber provides unique treatments for various skin conditions. Here is where we can observe a difference between the two products.

The SkinMedica Essential Serum contains two separate chambers. One has the APS Corrective Complex, and the other has the TNS Recovery Complex. The APS Corrective Complex might help improve the skin’s youthful appearance. The TNS Recovery Complex may smooth wrinkles.

The two chambers of TNS Advanced Serum include TNS-MR and RENESSENSCE (RSC) formulas. The enhanced peptide complex in the TNS-MR formula could help support the appearance and maintenance of healthy and glowing skin.

To renew and repair skin conditions, such as the appearance of fine lines, SkinMedica focused on including the advanced RSC formula in its second chamber. The ingredients included in this formula might improve aging skin.


A great product for mature but sensitive skin is the TNS Essential Serum. Its soothing effect and anti-inflammatory properties may brighten your skin and give it a natural glow. Let’s take a look at its ingredients.

TNS Essential Serum key ingredients

Skin brightening effects: hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, vitamin C

Skin tone improvement: tocopheryl acetate, ubiquinone, arbutin, blackberry

Skin protection properties: 2-(2-ethoxyethoxy) ethanol, ergothioneine, squalene

SkinMedica created the TNS Advanced Serum to offer customers an even better product. This serum contains carefully selected ingredients supporting skin tone enhancement and a nourishing appearance.

TNS Advanced Serum key ingredients

Skin renewal effects: French flax seed, marine extract, green microalgae

Skin brightening and protection: ergothioneine, ubiquinone, green tea leaf extract, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, tocopheryl acetate, blackberry leaf extract, saccharomyces ferment filtrate lysate, alpha-arbutin

Although they contain similar ingredients, customer satisfaction with TNS Advanced Serum is higher. Customers have reported seeing results faster than with the TNS Essential Serum, making the new formula more efficient due to its richer ingredients.

The TNS Advanced Serum doesn’t contain vitamin C, which many customers appreciate greatly. Some are sensitive to vitamin C and experience skin irritations when they apply topical treatments. The TNS Advanced Serum also contains more amino acids than the TNS Essential Serum.


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Scent and color

The TNS Essential Serum has a distinct smell recognizable among regular customers. They have also reported that the essential serum has a colorful hue. The TNS Advanced Serum contains no odor and is completely translucent.

The color and scent of the TNS Essential Serum come from the proteins used in the formula. SkinMedica eliminated the smell and hue in their TNS Advanced Serum to offer their products to customers that are sensitive to smell.

The company managed to get rid of the color and smell in their advanced formula by reformulating the proteins. The TNS Essential Serum has scent and color to mask the odor of proteins included in the formula.

Growth factor

The enhanced growth factor is another reason the TNS Advanced Serum provides faster results than the TNS Essential Serum. The new and improved formula contains 450 growth factors, whereas the essential serum has 380.

Higher growth factors help the skin fight anti-aging quicker. They may boost collagen levels and give the skin enough elasticity and firmness to smooth wrinkles. Also, increased growth factors might promote healing for certain skin conditions like inflammations.


The price difference between TNS Essential Serum and TNS Advanced Serum is not huge. SkinMedica sells its products for similar prices, which are not overly high. Therefore, paying around $15 more for the TNS Advanced Serum is worth it if you want fast, visible skin-smoothing results.

A bonus point is that you can find the advanced formula currently on sale online. This is a chance to witness its healing and replenishing properties on your skin.

Serum Texture

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Is There a Difference in Their Usage?

The application of both serums is similar. Pump the product from the top into your hand before applying your desired serum to your face. You may use the TNS Essential Serum and TNS Advanced Serum on your face and neck twice daily.

The directions on both of SkinMedica’s products advise customers to apply the serums in the morning and before they go to bed at night. Remember to avoid the eye area during application. If some product gets into your eye, cleanse it quickly with cold water.

Some customers find the airless pump on both serums intimidating. Luckily, there’s no need to worry. All you have to do is pump the excess air before using it for the first time. Then, push the pump several times until you can see any product coming out. 

Which Serum Should You Choose?

Remember that skincare products may react differently on various skin types. Even though both of these serums are safe for any skin type, they are most suitable for mature skin. Therefore, consult a dermatologist and do your research before you buy the essential or advanced formula.

Despite their differences, both the TNS Essential Serum and the TNS Advanced Serum have effective anti-aging properties. To help you determine which one is the right for you, let’s break down their pros and cons. 

TNS Essential Serum: Benefits and drawbacks

One bottle of the TNS Essential Serum may be enough to help your skin rejuvenate and smooth wrinkles. This formula by SkinMedica might suit all skin types, and results might be visible after one month of using it regularly.

The essential serum’s favorite benefit for customers is its plumping face effect. Besides that, it effectively hydrates the skin, further promoting the elimination of fine lines. Therefore, this product may be highly beneficial for making the skin look and feel more youthful.

However, the TNS Essential Serum by SkinMedica is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some consider this product overpriced and the pump difficult to use initially. Also, many have reported the scent overpowering, and they are not fans of the artificial color in this formula.

TNS Advanced Serum: Benefits and drawbacks

People have seen promising results after only a week of using the TNS Advanced Serum. This is due to the high growth factor included in the new formula. This newly created serum may smooth deep wrinkles and make the skin feel more firm.

Additional benefits of using the TNS Advanced Serum include skin texture and tone enhancement. The powerful ingredients in this advanced formula might eliminate patchiness, dryness, and fine lines on the skin. They may also help get rid of hyperpigmentation and discoloration.

But not everything can be perfect, right? Even the best products may not be suitable for everyone’s skin conditions and personal needs.

TNS Essential Serum: Benefits and drawbacks

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Time flies by, and there is no magic way of stopping visible signs of aging. But some SkinMedica products can help improve the overall appearance of your mature skin. Knowing the difference between TNS Essential Serum and TNS Advanced Serum is important to choose the most suitable one for your skin.

Don’t get discouraged by the appearance of your skin as you age. Stick to a skincare routine by using beneficial products that may help you restore that fresh-faced look. With the help of anti-aging serums, your skin will age gracefully.