Eight Myths about Facelifts You Should Stop Believing

Jan 19, 2023

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

As life takes its toll and once-youthful skin has us feeling…well, less than the “fairest one of all,” finding the right solution for facial rejuvenation can seem daunting. With new treatments, products and procedures popping up left and right, it’s hard to know which option will be best for you.

Maybe you tried that “holy-grail” facial cream that showed up when you were scrolling Instagram, only to end up frustrated after the expensive product yielded zero results.

Maybe you’ve rubbed your skin raw with dry brushes or spent hours on fruitless “facial workouts.”

Maybe you’ve exhausted Google of every non-surgical option, and see facelifts as a desperate last-resort.

We get it. The fear and confusion surrounding facelifts and neck lifts is REAL. With so much conflicting information circulating, it’s no wonder many feel wary of the procedure. So, if you’re wondering whether or not a facelift is for you, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths and misconceptions surrounding the procedure so that you can feel confident in making a well-informed decision.

Seven Myths about Facelifts You Should Stop Believing


Myth #1 – Botox and Other Non-Surgical Treatments can Achieve the Same Results.


Sure, fillers and injections have their time and place. They’re great for immediate results, but they fail to address the root cause of facial aging, and only temporarily minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Surgical procedures, on the other hand, target loose skin, weak muscles, and connective tissue for deeper, longer-lasting results.

Myth #2 – I’m too Young for a Facelift!

Think again!

There are many factors that play into the way your skin ages. These factors can include sun exposure, diet, lifestyle and genetics. For those who feel that a full facelift may be a bit much, you’ll find a variety of treatments designed to fit the needs of each individual, such as an upper eyelid surgery or a brow lift surgery.

Myth #3 – Facelifts are Only for Women.

Sorry, men, but the ladies do not hold a monopoly on facial aging.

Both men and women experience facial aging–it’s a reality that no one can escape. That’s why facelift procedures are equally available to men and women. In fact, such procedures have become increasingly popular among the male population, a trend that has increased by over 20% among men since the year 2000.

Myth #4 – Recovery is Long…and Painful!

Not necessarily!

While it is true that any surgical procedure has its given recovery period, modern techniques allow you to bounce back faster than ever before, cutting recovery time from several weeks to a mere two weeks in most cases! Taking good care of your skin following the procedure will help ensure a speedy recovery.

As for pain, most patients find that their post-surgery discomfort lasts only a couple of days and is easily treated with over-the-counter pain medication.

Myth #5 – Okay, but Won’t my New Look be PAINFULLY Obvious?


Worried about that first family get-together following your procedure? Already imagining the snarky comments from the in-laws? Concerned that your friends won’t recognize you? Worry not!

Facelift surgeries offer the change you want to see, without drastically changing your appearance. Instead, this procedure brings better definition to your pre-existing features for a fresher, younger-looking you!

What’s more, your surgeon will ensure that incisions are hidden, and nearly invisible once they’ve healed.

Myth #6 – Facelifts are Permanent, Offering One-and-Done Results.

Not exactly.

So, a facelift procedure is not the real-world equivalent to the Fountain of Youth. No matter the treatment you undergo, your skin will continue to age. However, each procedure is sure to turn back the clock, with most patients enjoying their results for seven to ten years! Taking good care of your body–inside and out–will help you maintain your results, and an occasional touch-up can further lengthen the results of your procedure.

Myth #7 – A Facelift Cannot be Combined with Other Procedures.


Hoping to address multiple problem areas? While under sedation, your surgeon may also perform other procedures such as a neck lift, facial implants, eyelid or brow lift, laser resurfacing and fat grafting. Be sure to discuss these options with your surgeon to take full advantage of your procedure.

Myth #8 – Every Facelift is the Same.

You guessed it–false!

No two faces are the same, so you can rest assured that your procedure will be tailored to fit your individual needs and facial anatomy. Your surgeon will consider the best way to achieve your personal goals, whether through repositioning the layer under your skin known as the SMAS (submuscular aponeurotic system), restoring volume to problem areas or performing additional treatments such as a brow lift or eyelid surgery.

So, if you’re ready to enhance your natural beauty and see real, lasting results, a facelift might be for you! No matter your treatment of choice, you deserve to feel confident in your skin and in the decision you make.

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Far too often, people have apprehensions and doubts about facelifts due to misinformation. The purpose of this infographic is to clear the air about this rejuvenating procedure. It debunks eight pervasive myths that should no longer hold to comprehend better how effective a facelift can be. With all the facts presented here, pave goodbye to any lingering worries and embrace the objective truth of what a facelift can do for you.

8 Myths About Facelifts Infographic