How Long Does TNS Advanced Serum Last?

May 29, 2023

In recent years, face serums are very popular in the skincare industry. One renowned brand is SkinMedica, with its famous TNS Advanced Serum. It has active ingredients that offer numerous potential benefits, from hydration and brightening to anti-aging effects. This article will discuss what to expect from this product and how long does TNS Advanced Serum last. 

You’ll also learn how to maximize its efficiency and prolong the serums’ shelf life. After all, before you invest in a high-quality serum, you need to know some tips on how to use and preserve it. 

How Long Does TNS Advanced Serum Last?

If you apply the serum twice daily as recommended, it should last four to six weeks. However, if you don’t stick to the recommended dose, the TNS Advanced Serum can last up to two years. 

The serum contains active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and vitamin C that can lose their potency over time and make it ineffective. 

Additionally, when applying the serum, you have to use a few drops and massage them evenly on your face. If you want your SkinMedica TNS Advanced Serum to stay at its peak potency, shake the bottle before use, keep it away from sunlight, and seal it properly.

Is the expiration date important?

Face serums, like other cosmetic products, come with an expiration date. This date indicates when the product is expected to stop being stable and effective

Typically, the expiration date is printed on the packaging or bottle. It’s important to note that face serums, unlike food products, do not spoil or become harmful after expiration. Instead, their efficacy may gradually decrease over time.

Is the expiration date important

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Factors affecting serum shelf life

Several factors contribute to the shelf life of face serums. These are some of the characteristics that determine how long TNS Advanced Serum will remain effective.


The specific combination and concentration of active ingredients can influence a serum’s stability and longevity. 

Certain ingredients, such as vitamin C and retinol, are more prone to degradation, requiring proper packaging and storage conditions.


The packaging of a face serum plays a crucial role in preserving its potency. Dark glass bottles with airtight seals help protect against light and air exposure, which can accelerate ingredient breakdown. Look for serums packaged in opaque, airtight containers to ensure maximum preservation.

Storage conditions

Proper storage is vital for extending the shelf life of face serums. Excessive heat, direct sunlight, and high humidity can compromise the efficiency of the ingredients. 

It’s best to store serums in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and heat.

How to Expand the Shelf Life of TNS Advanced Serum

While face serums do have a limited lifespan, there are measures you can take to extend their efficiency and get the most out of each bottle.

Check for changes

Regularly inspect your serum for any signs of texture, color, or odor changes. If you notice any significant changes, it may be a sign of product degradation. 

In these cases, it’s best to discontinue use, even if it’s before the suggested PAO period.

Follow storage guidelines

Stick to the recommended storage guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Ensure your serum is tightly sealed after each use and stored in a suitable environment. Avoid exposing the product to extreme temperatures or humidity. 

Serums like TNS Advanced with human growth factors in their formula can easily go bad if not sealed properly. 

Use clean hands

Maintaining proper hygiene is essential when using face serums. Always wash your hands before dispensing the serum to prevent spreading bacteria or contaminants that could compromise the product’s integrity.

Use clean hands

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Avoid contamination

Choose a serum with a dropper or pump dispenser rather than directly touching the serum with your fingers to prevent contamination. This minimizes the risk of introducing bacteria into the product, helping it remain stable for longer.

Start fresh

Replacing a face serum with a fresh bottle is best if you haven’t used it for an extended period. Even if the expiration date has not passed, the efficiency of the ingredients may have diminished over time.

Check the product label

Look for the “Period After Opening” (PAO) symbol on the packaging, which is represented by an open jar icon with a number followed by the letter M (e.g., 6M). This indicates how many months the product is considered safe after opening.

Skincare fridge

The latest trend in the skincare industry is a small fridge especially designed for storing skin care products. This is the perfect solution to store your serums like a pro. 

Most skincare products, like active serums and sunscreen, should be stored in a cold and dark place, ideally around 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use a spatula

Use clean hands or a spatula to dispense the product to prevent contamination and extend your serum’s life. Avoid dipping your fingers directly into the bottle, as it can introduce bacteria.

Remember to always follow the specific guidelines the manufacturer provides, as they may have recommendations tailored to their product.

How to Properly Use TNS Advanced Serum

Now that we established how long does TNS Advanced Serum last, you need to know how to use it properly.

Clean your face

Start by cleansing your face with a light cleanser to remove dirt, oil, or makeup residue. Then, dry with a clean towel.

Apply toner

If you use a toner, apply it after cleansing and before applying the serum. This step helps balance your skin’s pH and prepares it for better serum absorption.

Apply toner

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Dispense the serum

Shake the SkinMedica TNS Advanced Serum bottle well before use. Remove the cap and pump a small amount of serum onto your fingertips. A little goes a long way, so start with a pea-sized amount.

Apply the serum

Gently apply the serum onto your face, including your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. You can also extend the application to your neck if desired. Using upward, circular motions, massage the serum into your skin using your fingertips.

Allow absorption

Give the serum a few minutes to absorb into your skin before applying other products. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate effectively.

Follow with moisturizer

After the serum is absorbed, apply your regular moisturizer to seal in the serum’s benefits and provide hydration to your skin. You can also use a separate eye cream if desired.

Apply sunscreen

If you’re using TNS Advanced Serum in your morning routine, following it with a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 is crucial. It helps protect your skin from UV rays and prevents further skin damage.

Stay consistent

Use SkinMedica TNS Advanced Serum consistently in your daily skincare routine for optimal results. Follow the product instructions for recommended usage, including using it once or twice daily.

Additionally, if you have any specific skin concerns or conditions, it’s always a good idea to consult a dermatologist or skincare professional for personalized advice.


Face serums are potent skincare products that require proper care to maximize their effectiveness. The shelf life of a serum varies depending on the formulation, packaging, and storage conditions.

If you follow the recommended instructions for using the TNS Advanced Serum twice daily, it may last up to six weeks. Otherwise, you can use the serum for up to two years.

The best thing you can do is keep the TNS Advanced Serum dry and cool and seal the bottle after every usage. Always wash your hands before you get in touch with the serum, and use a small amount. 

If you know how long does TNS Advanced Serum lasts and how to keep the product functional, investing in a good skin care product will always pay off.