How to Shower After Breast Augmentation

Oct 5, 2023

Breast augmentation, as one of the most sought-after surgeries, may help people achieve their dream physique. If you decide to get the surgery, learning how to shower after breast augmentation is vital.

Proper hygiene during the healing period post-op is crucial for wound healing. With that in mind, let’s dive in!

Plastic Surgery: Breast Augmentation 

As a top-rated cosmetic surgery practice, we aim to help patients achieve their dream appearance. But we also want to emphasize the importance of proper care before and after the procedure.

The safety of our patients is our top priority. If you are interested in breast augmentation, your journey will start with a consultation. 

During your initial consultation, the doctor will ask about your medical history. The surgeon will also explain the procedure, the type and size of the implants, and answer any questions you may have. 

After evaluating your health, the doctor will advise you if you should move forward with the procedure. The doctor will provide you with pre-op instructions, and you will receive care instructions after the surgery. 

We must note that choosing a reputable and experienced surgeon is of utmost importance. Our surgeon has years of experience in plastic surgery and the trust of many satisfied patients. 

Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation Recovery Period

Recovery times can differ because every person is unique. Several variables can influence recovery times, including implant size and type, placement, and even the surgeon’s surgical expertise. A full recovery time after breast augmentation typically lasts four to six weeks.

We will cover your breasts in gauze dressings during the healing process following breast augmentation, and a compression top or support bra should help reduce swelling and provide stability for the breasts as you recover.

You will be transported into a recovery area for close observation after the surgery. When you are ready for discharge and are stable, which usually takes an hour or so, you may go home. We recommend that you have someone pick you up once you are discharged.

You will receive detailed post-operative instructions for your breast implant recovery before departing and a follow-up consultation with your surgeon. Your pain should subside after one to five days. But, some soreness and swelling may persist for a few weeks. 

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Shower After Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, meaning you will have a healing period afterward. You must follow the doctor’s instructions during this healing period to avoid hurting yourself.

We know the first thing you will want is to shower, and proper hygiene does help with wound healing. It will take about 48 hours for the surgical incisions to fully close, so it is best to wait and shower after 48 hours. 

You may be antsy to return to normal daily activities as soon as possible. But, it is more important to let the surgical site heal properly to avoid the risk of infection. 

If you shower while your incision sites are still fresh, there is a risk of getting water in them. If you shower too soon, the incisions may open up, which may lead to developing thicker scars. 

You may try a sponge bath to stay clean after the surgery. Fill up a bucket with lukewarm water with mild soap, and gently clean yourself with a soft cloth.

Aftercare Hygiene Tips: How to Shower After Breast Augmentation

Keeping the incisions clean is imperative to wound healing. But, during your first shower after surgery, you must be extra cautious. As there is a chance that you may feel pain and soreness, you may find it challenging to shower.

We advise you to ask your partner or a family member to help with your shower. You may get dizzy and lose your balance, so having someone around is better for your safety. 

Keep the surgical site dry

As we mentioned, you will wear a special post-op bra or compression top. You must wear the compression top day and night during the healing period. Showering will be the only time you take it off. 

Standing for long periods may be difficult. So, your first shower after breast augmentation should be quick and short. If you feel particularly sore, we recommend using a shower stool. 

The most important part during your first shower is ensuring your surgical site remains dry. Use a waterproof covering for the best protection of your incisions.

Avoid hot water 

It would be best to avoid hot showers the two weeks after breast augmentation surgery. Only use lukewarm or cool water when showering. Using hot water may lead to more inflammation around the surgical site. The heat may also cause the incisions to itch. 

Be gentle during showers 

You do not want to irritate your incisions, so be gentle when cleaning around the surgical site. Use a soft washcloth with mild soap without vigorous scrubbing. But avoid soaps, shampoos, or other products with irritating chemicals. 

It would help if you used an antibacterial soap as it might be the best help for preventing infection. When going with the washcloth, avoid direct scrubbing on your incision site. Instead, gently clean with the washcloth around the area.

Ensure the surgical site is completely dry after showering 

Each time after you finish showering, ensure your incision site is completely dry. You can either let it air dry or use a soft towel to pat the incision site dry. If you decide to pat yourself dry, use a clean and soft towel and gently pat the surgical site. Avoiding moisture may reduce the risk of infections. 

Completely dry your surgical site

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Resuming Regular Shower Routine After Plastic Surgery

After two weeks, it is usually safe to resume your regular shower routine. This means you should be able to start using hot water. 

You can also ask your surgeon during your check-up, which should be around two weeks post-surgery. Your doctor will check how your incisions are healing and tell you if you may start showering with hot water. 

Remember, to have a fast recovery, you must follow your doctor’s instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to wash hair after breast augmentation?

You may find lifting your hands the pain and soreness in your chest area. We recommend asking your partner to help you with hair washing. But, if you live alone, it is best that you thoroughly wash your hair before surgery. 

Three days after the surgery, you may be able to lift your hands to wash your hair. Just keep in mind to lift them slowly and carefully.

How long after breast augmentation can I take a bath?

While you may learn how to shower after breast augmentation, you should avoid baths post-op. Submerging your surgical site in a bathtub is strictly advised against for at least two weeks. Soaking in a tub may seriously hinder your wound healing and expose your incisions to bacteria, causing infection.