Louisville, Kentucky Plastic Surgeries

Once Louisville makes its way into your heart, it’s hard to leave it behind. That’s why Dr. Theo Gerstle returned to his family’s roots in the Bluegrass. Today, he helps residents look and feel their best through his state-of-the-art techniques.

Why Louisville Trusts Their Plastic Surgery Procedures to Dr. Gerstle

While Dr. Gerstle’s parents raised him in New York, it was the greater Louisville area that captured his heart.

Dr. Gerstle distinguished himself at every level of education. He graduated from the United States Military Academy (West Point). From there, he attended medical school at the University of Louisville. Fellow students elected him as their class president for every year of medical school. Upon completion, he was honored as his class’s distinguished graduate.

After medical school, he was chosen for Harvard’s highly competitive Combined Plastic Surgery Residency Program, training with some of the best known virtuosos in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Gerstle loves art, and he loves medicine. Above all, he loves combining them to help all of his patients shine from the inside out. “Something magical happens when we’re at peace with the way we look. It can really liberate us to be our best selves. I love helping the people of Louisville along this journey,” said Dr. Gerstle.

Louisville’s Choice for Facelifts, Neck Lifts, Breast Augmentations, and More

Life is better for all of us when we look and feel our best. But aging happens. Gravity happens. Genetics happen. All of these factors can create disharmony between how we want to look and reality.

People are often surprised to learn that they can improve the things that make them the most self-conscious…and the procedures aren’t usually as complex as they might think.

Plastic Surgery Procedures in Louisville, KY


What’s bothering you? Those deep “11 lines” in the center of your forehead? Crow’s feet? Drooping eyelids? Our Louisville facelift team has you covered. Schedule an appointment for a consultation; there are more options than most people think.

For starters, there are multiple types of facelift, depending on your needs. To name just a couple of options, there’s a mid-facelift (includes the cheeks and eyelids) or the mini facelift (reduces sagging along the jawline). Dr. Gerstle can help you know the least invasive procedures for achieving maximum results.

A facelift may be your best option depending on the extent of your facial aging, but there are also plenty of less invasive, non-surgical procedures to restore vitality to your face.

  • Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). Too much skin over or under the eyes can make us look old and weary. Eyelid surgery can eliminate excess skin and tighten the muscles. This can minimize drooping eyelids above your eyes and puffiness below your eyes.
  • Brow lift. Wrinkles and sagging around the eyebrows and forehead? A brow lift can restore that brightness to your eyes by eliminating wrinkles and lifting and tightening the area around the brows.
  • Botox and filler. As we lose collagen and muscle tone in our face, we tend to lose plumpness and vitality. Botox and fillers are non-invasive ways to restore that youthful glow.
  • Lip enhancement. Looking for full, supple lips? Through fat grafting or fillers, we can fill out areas of your face that need a boost.

Neck lift

Necks don’t lie; they’re often the first to show our age with the dreaded, sagging “turkey neck.” There are also some genetic issues that keep us from enjoying an elegant neck contour–a tendency to put on weight under the chin or a weak chin where we lack the bone structure to keep the neck skin taut.

There are different types of neck lifts, and some can be combined with neck liposuction if you have extra fat around the jawline. And if a neck lift is more than you need right now, we’ll explain other, less invasive options. These may include Botox and filler (for smoothing wrinkles and adding plumpness) and Kybella injections, which shut down fat cells in unwanted areas for good,

As a leading Louisville neck lift surgeon, Dr. Gerstle is known for beautiful results with minimal scarring. Regardless of what’s keeping your neck from looking its best, a neck lift can tighten things up so you can wear what you want and show off your neckline with confidence.

Breast Augmentation

You’re in good hands with our experienced Louisville breast augmentation team. We have a reputation for achieving some of the best, most natural-looking results in the Bluegrass region, and this is one of our most requested procedures.

One of the challenges with getting either an augmentation or reduction is knowing how much to add or take off. Patients often feel pressure. They have one shot at it, yet how are they supposed to visualize what will look the best?

We understand that you do not want to get this wrong. We take all of your unique factors into the equation: How active is your lifestyle? What is your body frame like? How wide is your chest? How low or high-set are your breasts? What are you hoping to accomplish–dramatic results or subtle ones?

Once we’ve listened to you carefully and accounted for your body type and preferences, we make a recommendation for breast size based on our experience with thousands of breast augmentations.

We can also advise you on other choices: fat transfer vs. implants, saline vs. silicone. You will not walk through this decision process alone. We’ll provide you with every detail you need to make the most informed decision.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of rocking a swimsuit after your breast augmentation or filling out that evening gown in just the right ways. We’ll help you get there. We have a sky-high satisfaction rate among our Louisville breast augmentation patients. We look forward to adding you to our list of happy clients.


Let’s talk lady parts. Just like your face, neck, and breasts, they can take the brunt of aging. Childbirth can stretch things out considerably. So can the wear and tear of time. Genetics play in, too–you may have been born with a misshapen or asymmetrical labia.

The result can be a lack of confidence that affects your sex life or unwanted bulging when you wear certain clothes like a swimsuit, tight jeans, or leggings. A drooping or misshapen labia can even cause pain during sex and various physical activities.

Fortunately, there’s a procedure for that. Join many Louisville labiaplasty patients who are singing the praises of this procedure for ending discomfort and self-consciousness and reinvigorating confidence in the bedroom.

This is not a radical “out there” procedure. Dr. Gerstle is performing more and more labiaplasties for Louisville patients. These procedures can involve trimming down the inner labia folds so that they don’t hang down below the outer ones or restoring symmetry to the right and left folds.

Labiaplasty can also be paired with vaginoplasty, which tightens up the vaginal canal for increased sexual fulfillment. Even the clitoral hood can be reduced for enhanced sexual pleasure.

You deserve to have your female parts looking good and in good working order. We can help you achieve that.

How do I Find the Safest Plastic Surgery Center in Louisville?

Not all plastic surgeons are created equal in their abilities and commitment to safety. We can back our safe track record with our accreditations.

We hold two of the most prestigious and hard-to-attain accreditations. They include the AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) and the AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities).

We are proud to be among the limited number of facilities in Louisville holding both of these plastic surgery accreditations. Together, they represent the gold standard in safety, quality of inpatient care, medical record maintenance, care environment, anesthesia, and continuing education for our Louisville plastic surgeons and staff.

Note that with the AAAASF, no partial awards are given. Applicants must comply 100% with each standard for care environment and staff. If at any time a clinic fails to meet standards, their accreditation will be revoked.

What Louisville, KY Patients are Saying About our Plastic Surgery Procedures
Dr. Gerstle’s artistry is backed by a caring staff that works hard to make every patient feel comfortable and valued. No judgment. No pressure. We’re here to answer your questions and meet your needs.

Here’s what Lexington and Louisville plastic surgery patients are saying about us:

Customer Service:

  • “They were so kind and made me feel right at home.”
  • “I went to numerous plastic surgeons between Lexington and Louisville….and knew immediately this was the place I was [going] to go.”
  • “From the second you walk into their office, you feel welcome and cared for.”
  • “In my first visit, I could tell immediately that I was home.”
  • “When you walk into the comfortable office, you’re greeted with friendly and competent staff with no wait time.”
  • “They go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable.”

Dr. Gerstle:

  • “Dr. Gerstle took the time to help me understand the technical process behind breast augmentation surgery.”
  • “I never felt rushed, and all of my questions were thoroughly answered.”
  • “Dr. Gerstle is a wizard surgeon. I am beyond pleased with my results.”
  • His bedside manner is perfect as well as his attention to small things.”
  • “I’ve had procedures done with two other doctors, and my favorite is by far Lexington Plastic Surgery.”
  • “Dr. Gerstle takes the time to listen.”

Plastic Surgery Results:

  • “Dr. Gerstle exceeded each of my expectations.”
  • “Neck lift surgery has changed my life.”
  • “If you are looking for a truly natural look, this is the surgeon for you.”
  • “I recently got my lips done, and I’m so in love!”
  • “I cannot stop telling everyone about my recent surgery with Dr. Gerstle.”
  • “The work they do is life changing and is true artistry.”
  • “I had a terrible breast augmentation a while back. The doctor informed me nothing could be fixed after many years of pain and heartache over the situation. Dr. Gerstle was open, truthful, and extremely kind. He was able to help fix what was needed. I really thought I would never be able to fix my situation. I would recommend Lexington Plastic Surgery 100%.”
  • “Came here for Botox and had a really great experience.”

Dr. Theo Gerstle is pleased to be back in the Bluegrass, performing facelifts, neck lifts, breast augmentations, and labiaplasty for Louisville patients. He, and all of us at Lexington Plastic Surgery, want to help you feel at home in your own skin. If you’re ready to explore options for looking and feeling like your best self, we’re ready to listen. We’ll find out what you’re dreaming of, help you know how to achieve it, and put our artistry to work to make sure your outer beauty is the perfect complement to your inner beauty.