The Sweet and Sour about Gummy Bear Implants

Feb 7, 2023

Whether your breasts have been altered by pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight loss, or aging, or if you simply want fuller breasts, you may want to consider gummy bear breast implants.

Breast implants are made up of two parts: a silicone shell and a filling. The filling could be a gel or saline solution. Gummy bear implants have a silicone shell with a silicone gel filling. This thicker gel creates a stronger and more durable implant that is still soft to the touch.

Gummy bear implants were so named because of the cohesive gel that fills the silicone shell. The gel is thick and reminiscent of the consistency of a gummy bear.

The Sweet and Sour about Gummy Bear Implants

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Who Should Avoid a Gummy Bear Implant?

Gummy bear implants are not for everyone. Here are some people who should avoid gummy bear breast augmentation:

  • Women who are currently breastfeeding or pregnant. As your body experiences a myriad of changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding, you do not want to make surgical changes on top of that. Your body shape will change, so it is hard to know what your needs will be after the pregnancy and nursing are complete, let alone address them.
  • Women who have fluctuating weight. Gummy bear implants are teardrop shaped, so they are more noticeable if they move out of place. If your weight is constantly fluctuating, you may find that your gummy bear implant moves.
  • Women whose primary concern with their breasts is related to drooping. Gummy bear implants improve the size and shape of breasts. They do not help with drooping or sagging. If those are your main concerns, a breast lift might be a better fit than a breast augmentation.
  • Anyone younger than 22 years old. Any form of silicone implant is not approved or available to anyone under the age of 22.

The Benefits

When compared to other types of breast augmentation, gummy bear implants are considered:

  • Stronger
  • More durable
  • Safer
  • More natural-looking
  • Softer to the touch
  • Less likely to fold or wrinkle than other implants

A Different Shape

Gummy bear implants are a teardrop shape instead of a circle like most other implants. This creates a more natural look, but it can also look out of place easily if your body changes or the implant shifts. A shift in the implant will require surgery to adjust. To prevent a shift, sometimes the gummy bear implant is textured on the outside. The grooves allow your body’s tissues to hold on to it better as the tissue grows into it, similar to Velcro.

To insert some types of breast implants, an empty silicone shell can be inserted and then filled up after it is in the breast, which creates a smaller opening (and thus a smaller scar). This works well for saline solution, but it is not possible for the thickness of a gummy bear implant. You will have a longer incision spot than someone who received a saline-filled implant.

Leaking and Rupturing

Implants that are filled with saline solution can possibly rupture. A ruptured implant would lose its shape. The cohesive gel that fills a gummy bear implant is less likely to lose its shape, even if it does rupture.

Gummy bear implants do not leak as frequently as other forms of breast augmentation, but when they do leak, it is harder to recognize the leak. A leaking implant can be dangerous. After your breast augmentation, plan on regular check-ups and screenings with your doctor to check on the implants and ensure they are not leaking.

Gummy bear implants are typically a more expensive option for breast augmentation.

Also, note that no breast augmentation procedure is meant to last a lifetime. Leaving the implants in longer increases your risk for some cancers. Plan on eventually having the implants replaced, typically about 10 years after your breast augmentation procedure.

If you are considering breast augmentation near the Lexington and Louisville areas, contact Lexington Plastic Surgery for a consultation. In our office, we offer gummy bear implants, saline implants, fat transfers, and breast lifts. We can discuss your different options and help determine which procedure will give you the results you are after.