TNS Advanced+ Serum Before and After

Mar 14, 2023

TNS Advanced+ Serum Before and After

The TNS Advanced+ Serum is a mixture of growth factors, cytokines, matrix proteins, and antioxidants targeting visible signs of aging. 

The serum is made by SkinMedica, a science-based skincare company whose products are formulated by pioneering skin biologists.

SkinMedica makes products only with ingredients that are clinically tested and safe. This means that the TNS Advanced+ Serum before and after results have been observed and proven.

TNS Advanced+ Serum Before and After

The TNS Advanced+ serum, a growth factors serum possibly treating sagging skin, is SkinMedica’s fastest-acting product in its TNS collection. 

The serum targets fine lines, coarse wrinkles, skin tone, and texture, all visible signs of aging. Visible results might start to show after 30 days of regular use.

a tns advanced+ serum before and after photo of a 54 year old womana tns advanced+ serum before and after photo of a 51 year old womana tns advanced+ serum before and after photo of a 40 year old woman


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TNS Advanced+ Serum Overview

With over 20 years of experience making formulations with clinically tested ingredients, the company has offered science-based skin care products. In fact, in 2000, SkinMedica became a leader in the growth factors revolution with their patented Tissue Nutrient Solution (TNS).

With its unique mix of growth factors and clinically tested ingredients, SkinMedica’s TNS Advanced+ Serum is the fastest-acting product from the company thus far. 

According to SkinMedica’s Head of Research and Development, Dr. Rahul Mehta, growth factors are the most significant contributor to the serum’s skin rejuvenating qualities.

With a 24-week clinical study, the serum possibly proved helpful in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin roughness. The TNS Advanced+ Serum also proved that it might be helpful in overall hyperpigmentation/photodamage and reduced skin sagging, improving its elasticity. 

The first signs of visible improvement might start to show after 30 days of regular use of the serum, while optimal results occur after 90 days. It would be best to use the serum in the morning and evening after you cleanse and tone.

woman explaining Growth Factors and Their Benefits of TNS serum

Growth Factors and Their Benefits 

Growth factors are messenger proteins, naturally made substances by your skin, with a significant role in maintaining healthy skin. The growth factor molecules might stimulate several cellular processes during development and tissue healing. 

Cell proliferation, migration, differentiation, and multicellular morphogenesis are among the cellular processes. As you age, the number of naturally occurring growth factors in your skin starts to deplete, leading to sagging and loss of skin elasticity.

With the growth factors in the TNS Advanced+ Serum, the product might promote healing, build the underlying skin matrix, and increase elastin and collagen production.

Advanced Formula

Key ingredients

TNS Advanced+ Serum has two chambers containing a blend of ingredients.


The advanced TNS®-MR formula in the first chamber works on multiple levels that might help you achieve anti-aging results. The formula combines a next-generation growth factor blend and an innovative peptide complex. 

The TNS®-MR formula might support healthy skin functions and nourish your skin.


The RENESSENSCE (RSC) ADVANCED in the second chamber is specially made to support the effects of the growth factor blend. It is a highly active mix of botanicals, marine extracts, and peptides, including French flax seeds and green microalgae. 

In the formula, you will also find antioxidants that might help against free radical damage caused by harsh environmental conditions.

Specialty ingredients

  • Alpha-Arbutin – Might help by visibly brightening your skin.
  • Hyaluronic Filling Spheres – These are dehydrated filling spheres with hyaluronic acid that might help trap water in the superficial layers of your skin like a sponge. The result of the spheres is instantaneous, leading to the possible improvement of your skin. 


The TNS Advanced+ Serum before and after results might be visible after regular 30-day use, with the optimal improvements showing after 90 days. 

If you apply the serum daily every morning and evening, you might start seeing improvement in your skin’s elasticity and reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.