ZO Skin Health Growth Factor Serum VS SkinMedica TNS

Feb 28, 2023

girl showing how to keep your skin healthy

Taking care of your skin is essential, as it gives signals about our overall health. The skin protects the body from bacteria and helps in the regulation of body temperature. 

While healthy lifestyle changes are necessary for good skin, a proper skincare routine is equally important. 

Let’s look at the differences between ZO Skin Health growth factor serum vs SkinMedica TNS serum, and discuss what you need to do for better skin.

How to Keep Your Skin Healthy

As it is the largest organ in the body, keeping the skin healthy is of utmost importance. Let’s see how you can maintain healthy skin and treat common skin problems.

Implement a healthy diet 

A healthy diet can make you feel good and look good. A diet low in unhealthy fats and refined carbs can promote younger skin. Drinking water also helps in keeping your skin hydrated. 

Healthy lifestyle

In addition to a healthy diet, living a healthy lifestyle can significantly benefit your skin. Therefore, you need to manage stress, as it can cause acne breakouts and ensure that you get enough sleep. Regular exercising is also important, and it’s recommended to avoid smoking. 

Protect your skin from the sun

Long exposure of your skin to the sun can lead to wrinkles and age spots. That being said, make sure to wear sunscreen to prevent your skin from aging and reduce the risk of skin cancer. Additionally, you can wear protective clothing to reduce sun exposure.

Wash your face gently

Washing your face on a regular basis is necessary to remove the dirt that lands on your skin throughout the day. However, you need to wash your face gently and avoid strong soaps and products. 

Use skincare products

Using dermatologist-tested skin care products such as the SkinMedica TNS serum can help you treat skin problems and improve the overall health of your skin. Using skin products formulated for your skin type can improve its elasticity and strength. 

ZO Skin Health Growth Factor Serum VS SkinMedica TNS

ZO Skin Health Growth Factor Serum vs SkinMedica TNS Serum

If you are contemplating which skin product is right for you, let’s get into the ZO Skin Health Factor Serum vs Skinmedica TNS serum and discuss what they offer.

ZO Skin Health growth factor serum

The growth factor serum from ZO Skin is a lightweight gel designed for every skin type. This product is made from a combination of plants and enzymatically derived growth factors designed to provide different skin benefits. 

The gel is intended to improve the skin’s overall appearance, restore the skin’s hydration, and strengthen its protective barrier. The serum is formulated to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and to improve the skin’s elasticity and texture. 

Skinmedica TNS serum

The usage of skincare products containing growth factors, such as the SkinMedica TNS serum, can improve skin tone and texture. The product is intended to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve the skin’s overall health.

The serum contains an advanced formula and is made from stabilised human growth factor. The formula of botanicals, marine extracts, and peptides can reduce the ageing of the skin and nourish it. 

Skinmedica contains antioxidants for combating free radical damage due to environmental aggressors and specialty ingredients that can brighten your skin and improve its appearance.


The skin plays a key role in protecting your body, so keeping it as healthy as possible is necessary. Changes in diet and lifestyle significantly affect the skin’s health, and so does the usage of suitable skin care products. 

In this post, we provided the differences between the ZO Skin Health growth factor serum vs SkinMedica TNS and talked about the potential effects they offer for the users. 

Both products contain a blend of ingredients intended to improve the skin’s appearance and health and provide suitable benefits for users dealing with skin problems.

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