Dr. Gerstle understands that most patients seeking reconstructive surgery are on a path they never wanted to embark on in the first place. Be it reconstructive post injury or cancer, Dr. Gerstle wants to help those who require reconstructive surgery feel better about themselves as that chapter of their lives comes to a close. His dedication and attention to detail is complemented by a sensitive approach to patients of all ages seeking reconstructive surgery.

One of the most interesting things about reconstructive surgery is that in these situations, not only are no two patients alike, but no two injuries are alike, no two cancers are alike, and no two reconstructions will ever be alike. As a result, reconstructive surgery requires time and patience from everyone involved in the process.

Fortunately, Dr. Gerstle’s artistic vision and unique skill set has given him the ability to help patients determine what surgical plan is right for them, and help guide them on this journey. Please see our Breast Reconstruction page if you have had or will have a mastectomy for breast cancer to learn more about your options. For a detailed consultation with Dr. Gerstle to help you understand what the options are for your particular situation, please call (859) 279-2111 for an appointment. Please see our Skin page if you have a skin cancer or lesion that requires removal and reconstruction for more information about your possible options.

Of course, talking personally with Dr. Gerstle during a consultation will provide you with the best options for you. Please request a consultation or call (859) 279-2111.

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