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Skin Cancer

Every year millions of people are diagnosed with skin cancers. This diagnosis can be anxiety producing, as people worry about treatment and their prognosis. Fortunately, cures are very common if the cancer is caught early. The best way to prevent skin cancer is with avoiding harmful UV rays, judicious use of sunscreen when outdoors, and careful monitoring by a dermatologists or your primary care physician.

If you are suffering from skin cancer, there is hope. Some patients come to Dr. Gerstle after the cancer is already removed, and he can help reconstruct the affected area. Other patients have the lesion removed by Dr. Gerstle, who then immediately or in stages will perform the reconstruction. Depending on the size and severity of the cancer, Dr. Gerstle may perform the reconstruction primarily (i.e., close the incision by putting two sides of the incision together), or he may need to take tissue from another area and place it over the defect to obtain a more natural result. If you suffer from skin cancer, please call Dr. Gerstle at (859) 279-2111 or fill out a consultation request.