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Brow Lift

A brow or forehead lift can help elevate and smooth the forehead in a person who genetically had a heavy brow or if the aging process has caused the forehead to droop. If you are a patient who has been pleased with the result BOTOX® injections has given you, or you think things could be a little smoother, then a brow lift may be for you.

To find out more about Brow lift surgery at Lexington Plastic Surgery, PLLC, request a consultation or call (859) 279-2111.

Benefits of Brow Lift

  • Smoothing fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead

  • Enhancing and opening the eye area

  • Helps to lift drooping eyebrows

What to expect

You and Dr. Gerstle will have a private consultation about your medical history, your physical exam, and your cosmetic goals. Some patients would benefit from other facial rejuvenation techniques such as eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), facelift or neck lift, which you can discuss with Dr. Gerstle. You will undergo imaging with our state-of-the-art “Mirror imaging” system that can help you and Dr. Gerstle have a clearer picture of the result you want.

Our goals are to make sure you are satisfied with a plan you and Dr. Gerstle devise to help give you a result that will make you look and feel your best.

Once a surgical plan is made, the operation will take place at one of our outpatient surgery centers. Depending on your situation, Dr. Gerstle will either use a small endoscope through discretely placed small incisions or will perform a full incision which is hidden in the scalp. The procedure usually takes an hour or two, and can be performed under sedation or general anesthesia. Patients generally can go home after spending a few hours in the recovery area, and then follow up with Dr. Gerstle within a few days. Regardless of your follow up schedule, Dr. Gerstle is always available by cell phone or email for any questions or concerns.

Most patients return to work in about 5 to 10 days. Dr. Gerstle recommends limiting activities for the first week but may resume light exercise in about one week and strenuous exercise may be resumed in about three weeks or more. It is normal to experience some bruising that might last for a few weeks.

FAQ about Brow Lift

Are the results of a brow lift permanent?

Unfortunately, no facial rejuvenation technique is immune to the effects of aging. Once the healing process is complete, the results of a brow lift can last five to ten years.

Who are the best candidates for a brow lift?

Most candidates for a brow lift are usually over 40 years old and would like to minimize the visible effects of aging. Some younger patients who have developed frown lines or a furrowed brow due to stress or muscle activity can also benefit from the procedure. Some patients will also have a brow lift done at the same time as a facelift or eyelid surgery. You and Dr. Gerstle can discuss this during your consultation and decide what the best option is for you.

Watch a Video About Brow Lift Surgery

What our patients are saying…

I am extremely impressed with the entire experience! Everyone is happy, helpful, and considerate. I am a customer for life!