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A mastopexy, more commonly known as breast lift, may be performed for a variety of reasons. The aging breast will inevitably sag over time, due to gravity, factors such as weight loss and sun exposure, and after child bearing. Sometimes, younger women also may suffer from premature sagging, which we call “ptosis.” Other women suffer from asymmetrically shaped breasts or would like a large nipple or areola to be reduced. Quite simply, the goal of a mastopexy is to sculpt the breast into a more elevated position and reposition the nipple to create a more youthful and attractive appearance.

Often the mastopexy is performed along with breast augmentation, but not necessarily. Dr. Gerstle will take the time to explain your options, and you can discuss your desires and needs in order to tailor a natural and beautiful result. Everyone who works with you, from our office staff to your surgical team, is there to support your vision and work together to create the a happier you!

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Breast Lift Safety

Breast lift surgery is a common procedure that Dr. Gerstle has personally carried out thousands of times. You will certainly experience some swelling and pain following the procedure, but serious complications are rare. Nonetheless, it is important to be aware of the most serious risks—including reaction to anesthesia, infection, loss of sensation, and bleeding. Dr. Gerstle will talk through these risks with you so that you can make an informed decision. He will also discuss with you the degree of scarring that will occur. Dr. Gerstle is very practiced with mastopexy and does his best to hide scars in inconspicuous places under the breast or in folds of the skin when possible.

The Breast Lift Procedure

The doctor will ask you to stand so that he can mark the incision points and decide on the precise spot that your nipples will be lifted to. If the size of your areolas or nipples will be reduced, this will be marked as well.

The incision type used will be selected to give you the best shape per the discussions you’ve had in consultation with Dr. Gerstle. Some skin will be removed during the procedure to tighten up the décolletage area as much as possible. Minor breast lifts generally consist of an incision around the nipple area, while a more significant lift may require additional incisions discreetly placed under the breast.

Breast Lift Post Op

Following the surgery, you will be given pain medication and postoperative instructions. Dr. Gerstle will schedule a follow up appointment with you the following day after surgery, but he is always readily available to his patients on his personal cell phone and via email.

Breast lift surgery has a relatively quick recovery period. You will, of course, be groggy and feel sore and swollen at first, so please ensure that there is someone to drive you home after the surgery. The pain can be managed with prescription pain meds for several days and then with over the counter medication thereafter. Most patients can return to office work within two weeks.

It will be important to sleep with your chest elevated for several weeks following the procedure, so be sure to have plenty of extra pillows around at night. Having a few specialty surgical bras will provide extra support and light compression to aid in healing in the weeks and months following the surgery. Dr. Gerstle recommends limiting strenuous activity for about a month after the procedure.

You will be able to see the difference in the projection, or profile, of your breasts from the start. After several months, you will have mostly healed and will have a good idea of the final result, but it will take up to a year for your breasts to completely heal and for your new breasts to be fully unveiled.

Benefits of a Breast Lift

  • Restoring a youthful appearance of the breast
  • Correction of breast asymmetry
  • Reshaping nipple/areola region
  • Restoring lost volume and firmness of the breast
  • Removing excess, sagging skin
  • Regaining a feeling of confidence, self-esteem, and femininity

The New You—Working With Dr. Gerstle

Dr. Gerstle understands that every woman is unique, and so is her anatomy. During your initial consultation, he will review your general health, including whether you smoke, any prescription medications or supplements you are currently taking, and what you expect to get out of the breast lift surgery. Dr. Gerstle will take a detailed medical history and perform a physical exam.

With the latest surgical techniques in mind, he will sit down with you in consultation and devise a plan to meet your needs. A minor breast lift generally consists of an incision around the nipple area, while a more significant lift may require additional incisions discreetly placed under the breast.

You may require a mammogram or other testing prior to the procedure, and Dr. Gerstle will ask you to refrain from smoking for at least six weeks before and after the procedure..
Once you and Dr. Gerstle create a plan together, you will undergo the procedure in our office-based AAAASF certified outpatient surgery center. Most patients undergo a general anesthetic for the duration of the procedure. The surgery takes about two to three hours to complete, and patients return home after several hours in the recovery area.

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Breast Lift Surgery Financing

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