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Spider veins are common among many men and women who stand and walk frequently for work. Some professionals who may experience spider veins include teachers, construction workers, retail workers, and nurses. Spider veins are also common among women who have had children, and people who are genetically predisposed to these unsightly veins. Spider veins can appear more as we age, too.

Many people who experience these types of veins become embarrassed by the look of the formation of the small, purple areas of their legs. This distinct look is how these warped blood vessels in the veins have earned their name of spider veins. They can occur in up to 60% of adults and women are twice as vulnerable to them as men. Many people who suffer from spider veins refuse to wear shorts, dresses, and swimsuits because they want to avoid showing off their legs due to how the veins appear.

If you suffer from spider veins, Dr. Gerstle can help you restore your self-confidence and empower you to regain the attractive legs of your youth in several ways using spider vein removal procedures.

And it’s not only about looks because in addition to looking unattractive, spider veins can also cause pain in some individuals. Some people experience aching and cramping in their legs, or a throbbing, tingling sensation. The area where the veins appear may be tender and/or swollen and itchy. The skin where the veins are can also be discolored and tender to the touch.

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What Causes Spider Veins

When veins in the body are healthy, they carry blood to a person’s heart via a series of one-way valves that allow blood to flow from superficial veins to veins that are deeper, and closer to the heart. Healthy veins have a one-way valve that prevents the blood from back flowing as it pumps to the heart. If the valves don’t operate properly, however, blood will begin to pool in the veins. This creates pressure which builds and then the veins vessel wall weakens, twisting it and causing it to bulge. If the swelling and the bulge become big enough, you will begin to see spider veins.

Sclerotherapy Treatment

One way Dr. Gerstle can help is by injecting a substance (a sclerosant) that causes the tiny veins to collapse on themselves and go away permanently. Often considered the treatment of choice, this medical procedure is called sclerotherapy and it causes the discolored veins to disappear immediately. The blood that was in those taxed veins will then re-route through healthier veins. The needle used in the treatment procedure is very small and the sclerosant is injected right into the vein. The injection itself is mildly uncomfortable and can cause some itching, but we make it as pain-free as possible. The procedure does require specialized training and as such, we recommend that you ensure you are getting the best care. Depending on the area or areas to be treated, the medical procedure can take anywhere from a few minutes to just under an hour, but it is non-surgical, does not require anesthesia, and is considered minimally invasive.

Laser Therapy

Another way Dr. Gerstle can help improve the appearance of your spider veins is with a laser treatment. During laser therapy, Dr. Gerstle uses an intense pulsed light , or IPL laser to remove the darkened pigmentation or color in that area. The photons from the laser cause heat that will close off the vein because a tiny bit of scar tissue will form and destroy the blood vessels. Laser therapy is considered a non-invasive and non-toxic approach to spider veins. This treatment leaves you with normal-appearing skin.

What to expect after either procedure:

After either procedure option, you’ll be able to stand up and walk around without any issue. It will be important to move around to maximize treatment results and minimize any potential for the formation of blood clots. Avoiding sun exposure in the area that was treated for approximately two weeks is best, but otherwise, our average patient can immediately return to their normal activities.

Why choose us for spider vein removal?

Dr. Gerstle’s expert knowledge of anatomy means that he is skilled at understanding the body, the skin, and what can give you the best result. Therefore, he performs these treatments personally. If you might benefit from a spider vein treatment, call Dr. Gerstle at (859) 279-2111 to discuss your options or fill out a consultation request.

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