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Spider Vein Removal

Many men and women who stand and walk frequently for work, women who have had children, or people who are genetically predisposed to unsightly veins can become embarrassed by the formation of small, purple areas of their legs. Many people who suffer from this will avoid wearing shorts, dresses and swimsuits to avoid showing off their unattractive legs. Dr. Gerstle can help restore this self-confidence and empower you to regain the attractive legs of your youth in several ways. One way he can help is by injecting a substance (a sclerosant) that causes the tiny veins to collapse on themselves and go away permanently. This causes the discolored vein to disappear immediately. The needle used it very small and the injection is mildly uncomfortable and can cause some itching. Depending on the areas to be treated, the procedure can take anywhere from a few minutes to just under an hour.

Another way Dr. Gerstle can help improve the appearance of your spider veins is with a laser treatment. Here, the laser removes the darkened pigmentation or color in that area and you are left with normal appearing skin.

Dr. Gerstle’s expert knowledge of anatomy as a Harvard-trained plastic surgeon means that he is skilled at understanding the body, the skin, and what can give you the best result.  Therefore, he performs these treatments personally. If you might benefit from a spider vein treatment, call Dr. Gerstle at (859) 279-2111 to discuss your options or fill out a consultation request.